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It’s a farming adventure and RPG through the times of ancient Egypt.
Adopt from over 500 animals and make your farm a lovely place!
Admin your farm, raise the animals, and grow crops on your farm in a bustling scenery and a huge farm house.
Learn how to become skilled in mending, hunting, fishing, and forge.
Profit from your work and mining stones as a successful farmer.
Block mines to become a miner and find your fortune


Minecraft in general is a game that’s very easy to pick up and play, and I’d say fairly easy to get into if it’s your first game.
The main downside is that it’s pretty young and the development of the game is still very active. I’d say if you put in the time that you’ll like the game.
So, to answer the question, Minecraft is a great introductory game! It’s not the most difficult game to get into if you’re a “beginner” but it’s very accessible and fun to play, especially if you can find a group of friends to play with.


The “Adorable” Cataclysm is a “one hit wonder”. It’s a slow starter but once you get your feet wet you can get forever and only need a single life.
I’m currently playing Puzzle Quest on the Mac and it is similar. Once I get in to a groove I will play for 30 minutes and then just stop and resume a week or so later. GameGenie also has a similar concept. When you start, it’s hard but also quite fun. Then it’s easy but a LOT of fun. “Pick me up right where you left me” is the name of the game, and they do it well!
There is a nice tutorial area if you need to learn the ropes or need to get yourself back to the basics. Don’t mind me, this isn’t an endorsement, just a recommendation.

China women’s national under-19 basketball team

The Chinese Women’s National Under-19 Basketball Team represents the People’s Republic of China in international basketball competitions. They are controlled by the Chinese Basketball Association and are currently a member of the FIBA Asia Under-18 Championship.


FIBA Asia Under-18 Championship

Current roster
2010 FIBA Asia Championship

Past rosters
2010 FIBA Asia Championship: finished


Features Key:

  • Brand new world to explore
  • Dynamic weather system
  • Three kingdoms, each with its own atmosphere and plot
  • Addictive quest and dungeon system
  • Customizable skills to suit your own playstyle
  • Five unique playable character classes, each with its own skillset
  • More than 70 equipment items, weapons, armour and power items
  • 10 crafting recipes
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Nine features to unlock


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You play as Tavis Snow, a young man who has been lured away from the paths of law and justice. Adventure-bound and interested in the things that change the world, he travels north in search of the Winter Queen, a woman who would seize the Kingdom from the scourge of winter.

About The Game:
In a world where magic is real, people have asked herself the question… How powerful is Dragonite, the strongest Pokemon in the world? In this game, you will find out by controlling Dragonite and help her defend her homeland from an invasion of dragons.

About This Game:
“The Moon Pearl” is an action puzzle game in which you play a blind duck who has been turned into a human. In order to solve puzzles, you will tap colored characters in the direction of the correct answers in order to enter new worlds and bring back important elements that will help you restore your sight.

About This Game:
SpaceBots, inspired by classic early 90’s side-scrolling shooters of the 90’s, offer an experience that veers between modern day technology and medieval fantasy, making for a unique and colorful game experience.
SpaceBots is an action-puzzle game in which you play the protagonist Bix, whose spaceship is caught up in the middle of a galaxy-wide war. As the only ship capable of traveling through a dangerous wormhole, Bix will have to utilize his ship’s missiles, laser, and other weapons to blast his way through a variety of enemies, large and small, to escape with his life.
To succeed, you must avoid getting hit by enemy fire and launch your deadly missiles at them correctly.

About This Game:
Along the way, you’ll find a large variety of races and classes (including paladins, mages, rogues, warriors, and more) to choose from. Different classes have advantages and disadvantages in combat, making progression more fluid and unique throughout the game.

About This Game:
Fantasy D&D is a fast-paced RPG that delivers deep battles with a tactical turn-based system that combines classic elements of the genre with a degree of strategic complexity that players have not previously seen in a game of this type.

About This Game:
In this game you’ll be putting yourself into the shoes of the protagonist and must solve puzzles, explore the world and its different environments, and collect the items you need to progress.

About This Game:


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Game Screenshots:Some Video demo’s:
Game Developments:
Game Credits:Thayada Mangayamma

Thayada Mangayamma is a Kannada comedy film directed by and starring Raghavendra Raju. It is a remake of the same name Hindi film released in 1996 which starred Aamir Khan and Kabir Bedi.

The remake film had Raghavendra Raju in the lead role with Allu Arjun in a supporting role. This was Raghavendra Raju’s third film with Allu Arjun, after Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde and had Raghava made a cameo in the film.

The film also starred Vishnuvardhan in a cameo role.

Raghavendra Raju as Srinivasa / Nagai
Allu Arjun as Forest officer
Manjula Vijayasarathi
Bhagath Santha
Thoogudeepa Srinivas
Allu Ramalingaiah
Mukhyamantri Chandru
Gundu Hanumanthaiah
Pooja Kumar
Srinivasa Murthy
Bank Janardhan
Baby Monica
Soundarya Raj


The music was composed by Raj-Koti and released by Aditya Music.


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The new Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology to protect users’ personal privacy and make the websites more secure has been unveiled by a developer at TechCrunch Disrupt, the world’s top technology summit.

Peter Ramm, founder of Maximus, the privacy-focused VPN service which will debut as a standalone service at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, said that the VPN technology is required as many websites are now blocking VPN traffic on their servers.

The company’s VPN technology will be able


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