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“It’s like being hurled into a universe of its own, where the rules are different and the path forward is very hard to predict.” – GameXplain

“Give us Elden, and we’ll give you everything else.” – Heat

“It’s like being thrown into a world that’s so much bigger than you thought, and with obstacles everywhere.” – Destructoid

Over 9 years ago, an evil demon lord, Chudelkin, has been using the arts of a powerful Elden Ring Spellcaster to steal life force from the people of the Lands Between. Facing a great crisis of this magnitude, the people cry out for a savior to join them, but no one knows where he is. However, Elden — a ruler of the Lands Between — has foreseen this and has set out to find his destiny.

The heroine, Elden, begins her journey, in the confidence that the Elden Ring is close to saving everyone in the Lands Between. However, she finds it isn’t easy to save everyone!

When she arrives at the scene of the Elden Ring’s defeat, she’ll face the greatest battles and meet the strongest warriors. However, the problem isn’t solved just by fighting: rather, it requires the power to change the very laws of the land! And Elden is still far away from the location where the Land of Light is to be established…

While Elden is still wandering through the Land of Light, people from all over the Lands Between come to him for help. However, what everyone thought was a challenge — he would provide a lot of comfort — was actually a test to awaken his full potential. On the last day of his journey, he meets an Elden Ring Spellcaster who knew his true power, which he could only remember after overcoming pain, despair and the extreme peril he once faced. The Spellcaster reveals to Elden the story of the Elden Ring, and his promise to protect Elden until his true birth, and the awakening of his power as an Elden Ring Spellcaster.

During this time, Elden’s decisions begin to change the course of history, and he will come face-to-face with the very fate of the Lands Between.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • RPG with open fields, dungeons, and a battle system that allows for fierce battles.
  • A rich, beautiful world full of intriguing events, and grand scenarios.
  • Equips, items, equipment, and items that you can freely combine.
  • Customize your character using various equipment and items.
  • Select your race, color, gender, and skill level.
  • Freely change the race, color, and gender of your character.
  • Diverse dungeons full of exciting events.
  • A battle system where you can freely control your battles.
  • Join us in the Journey!


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    User Reviews:

    Twilight of Zendria of Zendoria: In the Age of the Gods ~ Elder Scrolls VI requires an unprecedented effort to accomplish. The most important consequence of the game’s complexity is the need for an acceptable platform. Apple iOS is a really good example of the sort of operating system that is best to use with such a difficult game. Play iOS game at home, download at work, no problem.Stroll and kill monsters to fill your inventory during quests.Complete quests to unlock features and power-ups and add them to your inventory.Venture into the sewers and fight creatures while slaughtering others.

    Gather and control familiars to investigate areas of interest.As far as anything goes that meshes with the expectations we have of the game, this is pretty much it. If this is the cornerstone of a game, I don’t think it will do well.I still remember The Witcher 1, 2, and 3, which can be described as hardcore RPG games. You can play through them in a few hours, but if you like RPG’s, I think you will find this game a pleasant experience. If this were the case, this game would get a much higher rating. It took me around two weeks to finish the game, but I found it to be very enjoyable.What’s important to understand is that it’s very similar to The Witcher. If you are familiar with The Witcher, you’ll be able to easily finish the game.Story is a struggle to go anywhere. Once you think you’ve reached the end, it will take you around 2-3 hours to get there. You can’t skip story chapters since the story is intertwined with the gameplay. If you are like me, you will have the opportunity to avoid all the frustrating, boring story elements. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to avoid your enemies during the scenario.The combat encounters in the game are very simple. There are many moves to choose from that make it fun, but not requiring much depth. This makes the game very easy to pick up and play.In terms of diversity, the game has a large number of environments and open world areas. There are three main areas:The tutorial area, It has a tutorial that teaches you the basic moves in the game, as well as how to use the inventory, skills and weapon wheel. There are also five other areas:Towns, these


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    Player Combat System
    Chases and Battles
    The key to Elden Ring is the Combat System that allows you to chase your enemies in real time and battle them in real time.

    Unique Attack System
    The Attack Level
    In Elden Ring, the Attack Level is a base parameter used for all attacks.

    The Attack Level represents the power of your attack and is used to determine the size and attributes of the area that your attack will affect, as well as to increase the magic damage of the attack. You can change the Attack Level at will when dealing with monsters in the field, while characters can be increased in the field with experience or by completing quests.

    While the Attack Level improves, your attack’s power decreases.

    Special Abilities are abilities that you can use when you are actively attacking.

    In the case of the Attack Level at which you use the Special Ability, the size and attributes of the area it affects differ from the Attack Level.

    There are a variety of Special Abilities, such as a combination of bow/sword attacks, a technique that increases your attack power in certain areas, an attack that reduces defense, a technique that enhances defense, and much more.

    It is possible to change the Special Ability used when attacking.

    Magic Attack System
    Magic Calculation
    While the Magic Attack System is the core of the Elden Ring combat system, it is also the center of the story.

    The Magic Calculation System is an automatic system that analyzes the statuses of your character and the environment around you.

    Through this system, you can freely use any of your Magic Points to attack opponents with powerful attacks.

    Character Build
    Character Build is a system that allows you to freely build your own character without having to use a predetermined character class.

    Within the Character Build, you can also freely combine your own class with the skills and traits acquired through the experience of your adventures.

    In this way, you can easily customize the character you would like to play.

    Responsible Play
    Responsible Play is a system that allows you to view the entire world from the perspective of others and reflect on your own actions in the game.

    The Responsible Play System is a system that allows you to view the quest logs of the other players around you.

    In this way, you will be able to understand the actions of others and reflect on your


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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