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The effects of environmental change on the stability of metapopulations could be either positive or negative, but understanding the mechanisms that control these interactions is important for building predictions about species persistence. Genetic variation in the tolerance of a marine metapopulation to environmental change can influence its sensitivity to even small changes in the environment, but whether treatments that affect all individuals equally (e.g., nonspecific treatments) are sufficient to induce this environmental filter remains unclear. Here we experimentally tested the impact of nonspecific stress in the fish predator, Pseudomicra neogrivensis, on the genetic diversity and spatial distribution of its prey, larvae of the bivalve, Corbicula fluminea. We used controlled larval collection methods to introduce only larvae from resistant parents to new and old habitat patches and monitored genetic diversity and spatial distribution of larvae over 10 years (2004-2013). In both new and old habitats, we assayed the effects of nonspecific stress in the form of a live bacterial feed, and found that the spatial distribution of larvae depended on the environmental conditions during exposure to the bacterial feed. Both the genetic diversity and spatial distribution of larvae were greater in the nonspecific treatment in new habitat patches than in the specific treatment. In addition, the nonspecific treatment resulted in the emergence of a second local population, which was not evident in the specific treatment. Our results indicate that nonspecific treatments can have stronger impacts on a metapopulation than would be predicted by their effects on specific fitness traits, which is likely due to differences in the number of offspring produced by parents in the treatment.Q:



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