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Name Mechanic Escape
Publisher wonyjame
Format File
Rating 4.27 / 5 ( 7766 votes )
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In this side-scrolling action game, the player gets to discover many new environments such as a cave or a forest and new enemies like a horde of insects or a robot but above all new characters.

In many environments, the player meets and meets with his enemies like viruses or aliens to fight against each other and come out victorious.

Your movements have been limited by the system and you are forced to use everything you can to defeat these enemies with your various weapons.

Your only ally is your pet cat, therefore you need to be careful not to be hit by the rats that are coming at you.

Alien Cat 5 offers an Arcade mode in which the player must run through an endless shooting gallery over the five stages.

On the second difficulty level, the cats are smarter than on the first one and you need to be more careful in your movements.

Multiplayer Arcade mode:

In multiplayer mode, you have the choice to play against a friend. Up to four players can play against each other. The whole universe is composed by two different environments: an open arena and a large arena that contains the boss of the game.

You have a jetpack at your disposal and you can jump to attack, defend, and dodge.

You can collect powerups which increase your speed, attack damage and health bar or and shield to protect you from boss attacks.

When the boss captures you, you lose and you can play again.

When you have at least one piece of powerup, the boss level will be more difficult.

If you are captured by the boss, he will kill you.

Then you go back to the main menu to continue your game.

Alien Cat 5 Features:

Five huge levels with new environments.

Huge amount of weapons and powerups.

Lots of enemies like viruses, insects, rats, giant spiders and aliens.

Different difficulty level, two of them.

Five game modes available.

New gameplay system with a new movement system.

A new AI to react to your actions.

Splash and draw screen modes, a unique way of playing with your computer screen!

Multiplayer mode, either against a friend or online.

Lots of powerups.

Powerups that affect time, attack, your health, and level.

A very funny and innovative music, awesome sound effects and a challenging gameplay.



Additional Information

Name Mechanic Escape
Publisher wonyjame
Format File
Rating 4.27 / 5 ( 7766 votes )
Update (7 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Vacation / Wind-down / Stress relief game to turn boring time into fun. Play alone, with others or co-op.
  • A fun classic 2-player clash, targeting those classic arcade game button configurations. 6 different categories.
  • Charge your players a percentage of the Win won. Each game adds progressively as you go.
  • Play multiple games in a row


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– Eight fantastic subgames
– Three pretty cool looking kids
– Three exclusive songs you can download for free
– The father and the kids can compete against each other
– A unique “Fritz-Mate” game
– A unique “Schachbänke” game
– A unique “Fensterstop” game
– A unique “Basketballgame”
– Puzzles
– Riddles and more
Fun Facts:
– Other game programs share their resources with Fritz & Chesster. The program has been independently developed from raw resources of the other programs
– Of all the subgames that Fritz & Chesster employs, half are original, new and exclusive
– Two thirds of the fun is due to the “Diebus”, the singing apron Fritz wears
– You can have up to three different characters
– There are two exclusive songs you can download for free. They are called “Mein Kamel ist die Rote Kugel” (My Camel is the Red Ball) and “Schachmensch” (Chessmaster)

In the Fritz & Chesster series of games, King White’s son Fritz plays mini-games on the sofa against his father’s chess foe King Black. After each battle, Fritz and his father learn a few more cheats and learn to think strategically. With each victory, Fritz gains influence over his father’s kingdom. Unlike all the earlier games, Fritz & Chesster consists of more than one game, each one focusing on a new aspect of the game of chess.
Chess is the ultimate object-oriented board game. Like software, each chess board is built of a number of interacting objects. The objects, or pieces, are all of the same kind. The king, the queen, and the bishop are all pieces. The queen, rook, and pawn, on the other hand, are unique objects.
Any number of chess pieces can be used in any of the games, and the pieces move on a grid. Each chess piece has an opening, a number of squares on which it can move and a piece type.
KING Pawn (also known as Worker)
The king begins the game on the far right-hand side of the board. Unlike his co-workers, the king is a unique object which has an opening, moves, and a piece type. The king is a powerful piece, but the enemy king takes it at a significant cost.
The king’s opening is a move of


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When you begin the game, you are asked a few questions to help you set up the game. You set a particular guild, guild leader, and the number of fights you plan to take on.

You also set the general details of the game:

Your guild must always have at least three members, and it can only have one leader. Each member is given a randomly generated name.

Each fight is given a difficulty level, and each member of the guild gets a randomly generated experience level.

Each member of the guild will have a desire, or need, that you can help them achieve. These will be kept in a chart, called a Star Chart, which is a grid of 20 categories, each with a difficulty level, and each with a level representing the number of experience you have.

Each member is given a set of basic items they start with, and they can earn additional items that they can take with them into a fight.

There is a random chance (dependent on the number of members in the group, and the level of each member) that the group will end a fight and go home.

Each member of the group is given a title of some kind, which represents how much experience they have.

Each member of the group must be assigned a title

How many members of the guild? If you have the original version of the game, there is only one level. If you have the expansion “Xith’s World”, there is a second level.

How many fights are in your plan? The higher the number, the harder the fights

How many experience levels are in each fight? The higher the number, the harder the fight.

What are the basic items your group starts with? You get one “normal” item, and your group gets a “special” item. The normal item is usually a sword, or a backpack, and the special item can be anything from an item that is lost that you can try to find, to a medal, to a gold piece, to food for the members of the group.

What is the title your group will get after each fight? You get the title of the fight, like “First-Level”, “Second-Level” and so on. It must be one of the titles that is listed at the bottom of the game screen.

What is the only basic item your group gets? The only thing your group gets when they start out. This item is always


What’s new in Mechanic Escape:

    by Captain Eric Menninger

    Bermuda Triangle ships have a long, strange history,
    and involve a lot of questions that are not satisfactorily answered.
    Is the triangle man-made? Is the entire region of the Bermuda
    Triangle controlled by an extra-terrestrial power, as suggested
    by the Roswell Incident, the Mantell Island excursion, and the
    Hollywood so-called Alien Autopsy?

    And, are the UFOs observed in the area the sources
    of the odd life-forms that have allegedly been harvested by
    infiltrating test-pilot crews, or an independent top-secret
    extraterrestrial presence? If the latter, should the US military
    not know the identity of the real visitors?

    As we shall see, conclusive answer of any of these
    questions is not possible at this time. Before the final curtain
    should descend on this subject, it is more important to look
    at the available evidence and draw some conclusions.

    1. The ‘Bermuda Triangle’ as a so-called’mini-myth’. Modern
    popular media uses the term to describe the Bermuda Triangle
    of the infamous and sometimes perplexing disappearance of so
    many ships and crews in and around the triangle. The myth has
    been going for some years, and the first known sightings of
    UFOs in connection with the subject began in the mid-1950’s
    when a Coast Guard plane spotted one in the waters off Rhode
    Island, in 1955.1

    In the 1966 National Geographic book, “The Mysterious
    Worlds of the Ocean.” Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Arnold,
    a distinguished naval aviator, proposed a hypothesis that three
    interesting areas of the Atlantic Ocean could be distinguished
    on the basis of a discontinuity in both airplane and radio
    altimeter readings. One of the proposed areas is between Florida
    and Bermuda.2

    The whole story began unfolding in the summer of 1948
    when University of Chicago PhD student, Curtis G. Trippe,
    and his Air Force friend, Lieutenant James P. Upshaw, both
    in the rank of officers at the time, undertook to find the
    answer to two issues – the cause for the disappearance of numerous
    ships and planes and the absence of any survivors in the waters
    surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. The attempts soon carried
    them to the Arkansas River area in the northern border of the
    United States.

    They travelled first by


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    Mystic Hammer is a game where you battle waves of enemies to earn experience points. This gives you the ability to upgrade units (specialists) throughout your playtime. As you progress through the story you will unlock champions that will assist you in battle. Each champion has unique abilities that help them to attack and repel their enemies. The abilities that a champion may have will depend on the tier they are at. Higher tiers have more diverse abilities that complement your game play style and abilities of your other champions.
    The game plays like a typical lane defender strategy game. There are two lanes of enemies and you need to control the center lane which is connected to your base. Attackers and defenders can move freely back and forth. To destroy the enemy team you will need to control the center lane to push it over to your side. You can choose to move your units manually or have them do it automatically. As you defend your own center lane, you will need to manually push the lanes of enemies back when they approach your center. The game has four difficulty modes. Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane.
    Lane Defender Strategy Game Features
    Easy to play and yet difficult for the first 5 minutes, Mystic Hammer will challenge you early on. Easy mode is for the casual gamer who wants to have an excellent experience right from the start without feeling challenged. Normal mode is a solid starting point for new players to have an understanding of the battle system. Hard mode is for the hardcore gamer who wants a challenge but still understands how to play the game. Insane mode adds additional enemy AI types and increased difficulty. Each of the four modes is playable through both story and tower run sections.
    Stats provide information about your unit that will affect their ability to perform their tasks. Stats are measured in points. Higher scores will allow you to have more powerful units in the future. There are three units with stats. The Mage, the Warrior, and the Scout. Each unit will have the stats of those three.
    Unit creation allows you to customize your units. To select a unit type from among the four units and do this you will need a Forge Hammer. The Forge Hammer allows you to collect and mine materials. You can collect tokens from fights, some of these tokens can be exchanged for


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