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Kongi S Harvest Novel Pdf 20

the novel continues with the events that follow in this new world, and in the process it attempts to recapture the spirit of the kingdom of ismaland in the days of king danlola and king obas sarumi. the novel concludes with a description of ismaland after the reign of kongi. the novel’s structure and characters are described below.

the novel has a complex structure. it is a tripartite trilogy. the first part is titled the once and future king. the second part is titled king of kings. the third part is titled the furies. the novel’s structure is presented below:

kongi had wanted danlola and obas sarumi killed before they ever went to the new yam festival, but the gods persuaded him to let them go because they would have been dragged through the streets, and the people would have been outraged at kongi’s murder of them. the gods also told kongi that danlola and obas sarumi would turn against him once they are free. kongi, however, is determined to kill them before they become free. it is with this in mind that he allows them to go to the new yam festival.

the cultural association was founded in 1956. that was the year when the first chairman, oba adebisi, welcomed the first president of nigeria, nnamdi azikiwe, to lagos. the association is now headed by oba adebisi’s son, oluwole, who is also a former chairman of the association. the association’s current secretary is oba adebisi’s great-granddaughter, akue oba. at the moment, kongi is the only former chairman of the association. kongis harvest is a dramatisation of the experiences of the late chairman, oba adebisi, in the genesis of the cultural association.

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