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* A Fantasy Inspired by the Myth
* The Truth of the Lands Between?
* What Lies in the Past?
* The Great Hero?
* The Mythical Story?
* The Men?
* The Women?
* The Wands?
* The Sacred Stones?
* The Darkest Legend?
* The True Power?
* The End of the Myth?
* Rebirth?
* A Lands Between in Need of Salvation?
* The Magic?
* The Hero?
* All Faced with a New Beginning?

The story of the Lands Between.
As legend has it, the realm between the worlds of light and darkness stretched with nothingness. However, the world was born from a myth, and the gods of fate gave birth to man, who is one of the five representatives of the Gods of Fate, and four deities who are “traitors” to the gods. This generation also gave birth to gods. The Prophecies of Birth, which foretells which god will be born, were written on the back of the Prophecy Card.

Traitors to the gods
The name given to the four deities is “Fabula”, meaning “story” in Latin.
Zel Ereh – Contract of the Gods – The Goddess of Death – Secretly in love with the Gods of Fate
Kerguel – The Knight of Fate – The swordsman who represents the Gods of Fate
Speral – The Holy One – The Wrathful God – The God who gained the power to destroy the gods
Leshem – The Divine Hero – The Champion of Fate – The God who originally created fate
The four gods fought against the gods in a war, but they were defeated. In order to protect the world, the gods cast an invincible spell called “The Big Net of Fate” on the four gods and scattered them around the world.
• The Lands Between
The Lands Between is the world in which the five planets and the four realms are connected. A normal elder race lives in this world, but only a few are able to see the darkness around them.
• Magic, Swords, and Heroines
In the Lands Between, you can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic into your own “Elden Ring”, and can explore a vast world while experiencing an extraordinary adventure.

You can combine weapons, armor, and magic.
In the


Features Key:

  • A Notable RPG
    Transcends genre boundaries, allowing you to proceed through an epic story formed of various interconnected chapters. In the process, you can meet any one of the characters who are enduring their own circumstances in their own way.
  • A Rich World
    300 days have passed since the Tarnished, a powerful soul of a fallen High Saint, killed the Titans, but the territories are still in a state of peace.
    A wide range of new improvements have since been introduced. Explore dozens of regions, towns, and dungeons around the world of Eora.
  • An Ultimate Roleplaying Experience
    We created a game that allows players to transfer their characters from story to story and develop their characters in a persistent online environment that allows them to organize and play with friends.
  • High Quality Graphics
    A 3D RPG created in high definition that allows players to play in a dynamic world with a large number of characters and monsters. The picture is rich and vibrant, while the game’s feel is unique thanks to the mood of full-color illustrations.
  • An Impressive Soundtrack
    The game’s soundtrack features an original sound that has been selected to appeal to a variety of tastes and situations.
  • A High Level in Content with Regular Updates
    We are making continual enhancements to the content for all of the life of the game to create an exciting and rewarding experience.
  • EOS NOVEL by Takeshi Uchiyama




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    * “The best fantasy role-playing game on the PC”

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    Aesthetically, we were inspired by Lord of the Rings, and enhanced the game with vivid graphics and a dramatic turn-based battle system.


    In the game, you will experience the story of an adventurer who performs every action with his own free will. The archetypes are the symbols of the player characters.

    Elden Lords:

    Elden lords are characters with true power that are supposed to lead other players to the opposite of their enemies.

    Adventure Mode:

    Every journey starts with an adventurer who lacks in strength, skills, and equipment. However, with the freedom of free will, you can create a character that will forge your own destiny.

    Conquer Mode:

    When you are placed in a challenging situation, the adventure mode maps are converted into a battlefield. You have to take your survival from challenge to challenge, battling endlessly against monsters who have awakened their evil.

    Complex Dynamic Battles:

    Because the game is a turn-based RPG, the motions of your characters are continuous, so battles are not fixed. Battles are turned over in real time as you change your line of attack, and you will be required to carefully plan to preserve your level of effectiveness.

    New Rank System

    The new rank system allows you to continue your playthrough of any difficulty while increasing your strength and learning better tactics and strategies. You may have difficulty with all four difficulties initially, but the more you play, the more you will learn, and you will not only master all difficulties, but also obtain new levels and new classes.

    Intelligent AI:

    A variety of AI algorithms will make your game feel more realistic. The intelligent AI will watch over your battle moves, and if the proper tactics and strategy are not used, it will fight back to a level of competency.

    Easy to Get Acquainted with:

    A variety of convenient operations will allow you to get acquainted with the game, such as training the statistics and skills of the allies and enemies, or equipping various equipment and items.

    Asynchronous Online Play:

    While you play together, your information will be kept connected to each other. You will feel as if you are participating in a single adventure. In addition, using this feature, you can enjoy the game even when you are apart from your friends.

    Change the game by combining the weapons, armor, and magic you equip.



    What’s new:

    Battle and explore the Lands Between.
    Connect with other players around the world.
    Play compelling and stimulating multiplayer battles!

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    1. Use WinRAR to decompress data2. Install game using wine4. Play the game you have an LDG file5. That’s all!If your are using original cd-Key, you must know that you must update LDG file before install the game.

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    This is a perfect game, that is worth waiting for and worth buying. However, i want to say something here that the start menu does not fit in the game. So when you select your save/load location, it opens the moving slideshow from the start menu. This is very annoying and ruins the game! if there is a fix for this, please let me know.

    I have run into some games with NISEN W-3D Head. It has a strange issue. After every 5th start of the game, the lines glitch out and freeze the game, or makes it unplayable. If I close and reopen the game, the lines work again. Just started the game last night. I played it for a few hours, and the game works fine till the fifth start then glitches out. It is a shame, because the game is really good, but it gives me a headache.

    I have run into some games with NISEN W-3D Head. It has a strange issue. After every 5th start of the game, the lines glitch out and freeze the game, or makes it unplayable. If I close and reopen the game, the lines work again. Just started the game last night. I played it for a few hours, and the game works fine till the fifth start then glitches out. It is a shame, because the game is really good, but it gives me a headache.

    I have the same


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