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An icon is not included in a working.exe file due to the fact that the icon cannot be encoded in the executable format and hence, does not qualify for inclusion. Therefore, as @Mike noted, you will need to get a suitable icon and then use it on your executable. The icon should not take up space in your executable and it will be displayed as a small icon at the bottom left of the executable window when launched. If you are unsure what an icon is, look it up.

Gene expression profiling in optic nerve head astrocytes: study of human and mouse expression patterns during aging, response to optic nerve injury, and modulation by glucocorticoid treatment.
Glucocorticoid (GC) steroids are potent anti-inflammatory agents with potential in the treatment of optic neuropathy. Although GCs have been shown to attenuate cell death and promote astrocyte survival in various conditions, their effects on the gene expression profiles of astrocytes in the optic nerve (ON) head are not known. We describe here a microarray-based profiling of gene expression patterns in ON-head astrocytes. This analysis provides a catalog of transcriptional events occurring in ON-head astrocytes both in response to injury and during aging. Altered expression of genes associated with inflammation and neuroinflammation occurred in ON-head astrocytes in response to moderate and more intense ON injury, possibly representing a pathological state of the cell type, but not in response to aging. We found no evidence that GCs exert a direct effect on astrocyte gene expression patterns. However, GCs may exert a wider anti-inflammatory action by modulating the gene expression profiles of inflammatory cells in the ON. Our study is the first report of gene expression profiling in ON-head astrocytes and highlights the importance of gene profiling as an aid in the characterization of glial pathophysiology.


This resource is for Australian] College and beyond. EBP . Sbget; Download, EBP Rufus 3.8 Torrent.The Department of Labor chose a familiar foe when it announced last week that it would be fighting back against President Trump’s new domestic frack-away rule by working with states to slow or derail new projects. After years of struggling against the natural gas industry, environmentalists are now gearing up to fight for more rules and regulations to put a dent in the U.S.’s growing natural gas reserves.

Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas put it best when he recently told reporters that the industry’s “winning streak” is “on the verge of being a losing streak” and that the American energy industry needs to respond to the changing demands of the market.

President Trump is certainly responding to these market pressures. After encouraging the natural gas industry to rush into production, he ended waivers for the industry last year and began requiring the filing of detailed environmental reviews before any new drilling permits. The administration also launched a pro-energy, anti-environment campaign it dubbed the “One Percent for Oil, One Percent for Gas” to support domestic drilling in public lands and private land owned by companies that own property in less-studied areas.

All of this is helping to drive down the price of U.S. crude oil and natural gas. Last year, the price of crude oil dropped to a nearly three-decade low. Now the price for the benchmark Brent crude has dropped by more than 30 percent since the beginning of the year.

(RELATED: ExxonMobil Vows To Continue Gas Drilling In Canada’s Tar Sands)

The supply-side response, however, is far less certain. Per capita natural gas production in the United States is expected to be just a few decades old, and there is growing concern that the United States doesn’t have the potential to increase production much further. At the same time, the industry is investing heavily in new technologies to extract gas from low-value shale deposits.

The geologist of one of the largest natural gas producers, Chesapeake Energy, recently told reporters that the United States can only drill for so much natural gas.

“I would certainly say yes [to natural gas shortages],” Chesapeake Energy’s George Osborne said, “based on the way the industry is moving and the amount of


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cakephp 2.x login problem

i’m using cakephp 2.x with the plugin MSSQLauth.
The users can be authenticated by the database (new version of the app) or e-mail (old version).
the old version works fine but i don’t get the users of the new version.
There is no problem with the authentication, the database is ok, the users are there.
is there anybody who can help me?
Thanks in advance,
I tried already the “deleteAllUsers();” from the

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