Ya Lo Hiciste Sin Amar Dvdrip Audio Latino

Ya Lo Hiciste Sin Amar Dvdrip Audio Latino

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Ya Lo Hiciste Sin Amar Dvdrip Audio Latino

Once they have the audio on, they can do their own activities. For instance, they can, for example, choose a person and then write down the first 3 words that come to mind. Then, they can write down a question.

Que hiciste
Hoy destruiste con tu orgullo la esperanza
Hoy empaaste con tu furia mi mirada
Borraste toda nuestra historia con tu rabia
Y confundiste tanto amor que te entregaba
Con un permiso para as romperme el alma

Que hiciste
Nos obligaste a destruir las madrugadas
Y nuestras noches las borraron tus palabras
Mis ilusiones acabaron con tus farsas
Se te olvido que era el amor lo que importaba
Y con tus manos derrumbaste nuestra casa

This is so hard. I did a little more practice with them when they were working on their own. We then listened to the Audio CD again and started reading the text. This time, they also did the textivate activities.

Regardless of your native language, if you take an English class with me, you will quickly realize how much you still have to learn to speak English. This occurs frequently with Spanish speakers since they may have experienced academic courses in Spanish and may have good skills, but do not have the audio-visual skills, such as the ability to understand pronunciation and lip movement, to produce and understand the language.

They will also read you the text of the Prologue from the audiobook, and they will listen to the Prologue being read by an adult. Students listen the monologo, go to page 17, and then move to the first paragraph. It is a very active listening activity; students jot down in the ActivityPad any information they took in. They then go to page 18, and answer the question as to their meaning.

I chose the following clip of songs by Fito and Torres, and added the audio of the speech. The students followed along while listening to the clip. They completed the activity based on what they heard. They listened again, but this time they sang the song back to the recording. This gave students another opportunity to hear words in their native language, because the music they were listening to did not translate to speech. The idea is to help students become more familiar with the language. Then, after students listened once, I had them switch to a different recorded song. I recommend listening with headphones or better earbuds, so students have the ability to understand the language in their native language. This has been used with their five minute reading activity. I always give students two minutes to review and one minute for recall.
The audio CD also includes the short story; “One Serious Mistake”. I review this with the students as I go through the lesson. We go back to the story from the preview. I ask students about the story and try to get as many details out as possible. We close the story with a review of the vocabulary used in the story. I then have students choose one of the questions. We go through the story with students answering the questions as we go. I have students go back and read the whole story before answering questions.
I highly recommend this technique. It is called listening for meaning. Students had their books and this included the bottom of the book. As this reading was less than a paragraph, it was quite easy to do meaning listening. It was easier for students to do than to listen to a paragraph being read. They listened a total of 7 times. I recorded the audio of the reading, then posted it on the type this to page youi oit.


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