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downloadvideotheTheGhaziAttackfullmoviemp4Bringing to America the reason why European bike lanes exist

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Published on 14 November, 2012
by Jilly A. Butcher

A leading climate change scientist has suggested that the rise in CO2 levels is linked to the alarming increase in popularity of cycling, while a career path within cycling has been set up to teach American cyclists safe riding.

While cycling has been growing as a sport in the US, more than 5.2m Americans still do not have a licence for their bikes and more than 700 die on roads every year, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

“Americans start riding bikes at younger ages than people in most other countries and they continue to ride throughout their lives,” said Gary Cogdell, a well-known climatologist who works for the National Institute for Aviation Research.

“There are more bike commuters than in any other country and some states are more bicycle-friendly than others.

“Cycling is less expensive and allows people to get away from their jobs and have some exercise and fresh air.

“Riding bicycles lets Americans get access to a more urban lifestyle.”

“As the population becomes more urbanised, Americans are increasingly taking to the roads – and cycling is a key part of this,” said Cogdell.

“There are over 50m bikes in the US, including more than 250m scooters, and the number of licensed drivers has only slightly increased over the last 25 years.

“If Americans continue to ride as much as they do, we need to create more bike lanes, more road space and to make cycling more comfortable.”

The reason why Europeans use bike lanes is a major part of Cogdell’s research.

“When people use less cars, they start wanting to take up public transport and walking,” he told swisstracks.com.

“It is these public transport and walking modes that are used more when people can cycle.”

Cogdell went on to explain how the use of bikes had changed in Europe.

“In some European countries with ‘car-friendly’


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