Twitter Password Hack \/\/TOP\\\\

Twitter Password Hack \/\/TOP\\\\

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Twitter Password Hack

Trump’s Twitter password reset email links are so easy to guess that a hacker could simply open a web browser, paste in the email address, and have an exact copy of a password in less than a minute .
If people are not very .
But your email address is a critical security component, and it’s important to use strong passwords—and strong passwords are different than those that are easy to guess.
Earlier this year, two major data breaches at LinkedIn and Yahoo, two of the most popular social media platforms, occurred.
More about Twitter and cybersecurity .
‘How to reset a Twitter password, using the ‘Forgot Password’ link’.
Twitter said hackers broke into Trump’s account in a ploy for money, gaining .
There is, however, no public evidence that the information was put to the use it was supposed to be .
‘You can probably guess his password, but it was just too obvious’: Twitter hackers say Trump’s lost password are an epic fail – could be months before he gets account back | John_scarantino
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This is the hack. Hackers have said that they stole about 50 million’secrets’ from LinkedIn – the credentials of 1.41 billion users. The social media platform says its investigation is complete and that it has shut down the hack.
The hacker has also accused the social media platform of being negligent and only paying attention to those users who had large amounts of data stolen.
It just says .
*Disclaimer: All images and content used in this article are used under fair use in accordance with Title 17.


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