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Monitors and screens come in multiple sizes, as well as larger projection and presentation sized screens. Being able to show presentations on larger screens and getting them to fit the screen in the most optimal manner can be difficult. True Slide Resize is a PowerPoint add-on that allows users to resize and change the aspect ratio of a presentation to fit different monitors.
An easily accessed option that is simple to use and an effective solution
The button to access the add-on's options is readily available and immediately accessible, there is no problem whatsoever in finding the extra features. Unlike some add-ons that can be lost in the standard buttons and menus of PowerPoint, the developers have gone to significant lengths to make it accessible and user friendly.
When accessed, True Slide Resize is even easier to operate. A new window is opened and displays the available options, users just have to select which aspect ratio they need and the program does the rest. The application doesn't distort the current content in any way and just makes it workable for larger or unusually sized monitors.
A limited set of options that comes with a price tag that might outweigh the usefulness
While the application is undoubtedly useful, it only presents three different aspect ratio options, 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10. While these are useful, there could be more options, especially since the application isn't free.
True Slide Resize doesn't offer users any additional options of any kind, and, aside from the aspect ratio changes, there is nothing else that it does. The add-on could easily offer more conventional resizing options as well even if they do distort the slides. It would be better to have some extra options, even if they were of limited use, to help justify the value.
A useful enhancement to PowerPoint that might or might not be worth the price tag
To conclude, the add-on does improve PowerPoint for those who often have to display their presentations on multiple monitors or screens. That being said, there is a very big question mark over the value to use ratio, which users might struggle with. True Slide Resize might be only useful for those who switch computers regular and encounter this problem on a regular basis.







True Slide Resize Crack+ Free [Latest]

True Slide Resize is a very useful add-in for PowerPoint that allows users to resize and change the aspect ratio of presentations for different size monitors.

What is new in this release:

True Slide Resize version 2.0.3 works with PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2007.

True Slide Resize is easy to use and always reliable.

True Slide Resize allows setting a custom aspect ratio.

True Slide Resize allows the user to select between 4:3 and 16:10 aspect ratio.

On top of the provided options, True Slide Resize allows to save the aspect ratio selection to the presentation.

The readme file is included in the zip file, but it is not fully descriptive of how to use True Slide Resize.

Fixed a bug that didn’t properly display some aspect ratios on some screens.

The add-on was originally written for Microsoft Office 2010 and tested only in the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office, but it is compatible with Office 2007 32-bit as well as Office 2003 32-bit.

It will work correctly on most monitors, but it was written in a way that just one non-standard monitor (95" Samsung D790-B3) causes an issue.

The aspect ratio changes are not done instantly, they will be applied the next time a slide is opened.

How to use:

Open PowerPoint, open a presentation or open a blank presentation.

Click on the True Slide Resize button to open the settings window. The program opens a different window to display the available options.

Click on one of the available aspect ratios that matches the aspect ratio you want for your monitor. If the right option is selected, the current slide will immediately be adjusted to the aspect ratio.

Save the changes by clicking the Save As button.

Resize and Save Changes


Download the True Slide Resize installer from this page. Install the True Slide Resize installer.

Open the folder where you have saved the True Slide Resize installer. Click on the True Slide Resize icon. The True Slide Resize window is opened.

Click on the Install button. The next window will appear and allow you to decide if you want to install True Slide Resize.

Click on the Install button to continue.

When True Slide Resize is installed, a new icon is placed in the taskbar.

True Slide Resize Crack + Activator [Updated]

True Slide Resize Activation Code is a PowerPoint add-on that allows users to resize and change the aspect ratio of a presentation to fit different monitors.

Original and widescreen PowerPoint presentations are resized
The aspect ratio is changed to fit available monitors as well as presentations that are too large to fit on a large screen.


Simple to use
Only available resolutions are changed
Presentation is not distorted


Not that useful if you don’t encounter the problem often
Price tag is a significant factor

See also
Screen resolution

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True Slide Resize

True Slide Resize is a PowerPoint Add-On that allows users to adjust the aspect ratio of their presentations.

Features of True Slide Resize:
If you are displaying slides in a screen that has a different aspect ratio than the rest of your presentation, then you will have a hard time adjusting the slides to fit your screen.

The Application allows users to control the aspect ratio of their presentation and does not distort the images on their slides.

The selection of aspect ratios offered in the application are as follows: 16:10, 4:3, and 3:2.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How to download and use True Slide Resize


For more information please refer to the TrueSlide Resize.xla file.

USER GUIDE/ How to use True Slide Resize

1. Install True Slide Resize: Click on File and then Add-Ins or use the following shortcut Ctrl+I (⌘+I on MacOS).

2. Add True Slide Resize to PowerPoint: A dialog box will appear allowing you to choose between “True Slide Resize” or “True Slide Resize Gallery”.

3. Choose if you want True Slide Resize or the “True Slide Resize Gallery” to be added to PowerPoint.

4. Click OK

After installation, the True Slide Resize option will appear in the Custom Menu.

To use the presentation settings of True Slide Resize, use the custom menu to select the desired option. Note: the added graphic options don’t seem to work in PowerPoint 2010.Ezra 1:9



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What’s New In?

True Slide Resize is a powerful tool that allows users to easily resize their presentations to fit on different monitors. Whenever a user opens a PowerPoint presentation in the True Slide Resize window, it automatically saves a copy of the presentation in the home directory of the user, so that whenever the user reopens the presentation at a later time, it is the same as it was the first time.
The user-friendly True Slide Resize window has three main tabs to help the user easily change slides and rotate the content to suit the display window on the monitor. They are: “Adjust slides” which allows the user to resize and stretch slides to fit the resolution of the monitor, “Resize slides” which allows the user to change the aspect ratio, and “Rotate slides” which changes the orientation of the content.
Key Features:
• Unlimited number of copies of the presentation can be made, with a single click of a mouse on the Save presentation button.
• PowerPoint can be used by other users on the same computer without risking the loss of PowerPoint documents.
• The PowerPoint presentation can be opened with a single click of the mouse.
• Adjust slides, Resize slides and Rotate slides are included with True Slide Resize.
• High-Quality Printing.
• Fast Performance.
• Minimal Intervention when resizing PowerPoint slides.
• Additional buttons for adjusting PowerPoint slide layouts are also provided.
• This add-in works for PowerPoint 2007, 2007 and 2010.
• The True Slide Resize window helps users to easily adjust content according to their display system.

This is what i got and a little insight on other features :)
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Unlimited copies can be made by simply clicking on the Save presentation button at the bottom of the window.
2) PowerPoint presentations can be opened with a single click of the mouse.
3) When reopening the presentation later, it will be the same as the first time.
4) The adjustment can be made without worrying about compatibility problems.
When adjusting slide sizes, the author can see the slides at the same time and make adjustments according to the circumstances.

System Requirements For True Slide Resize:

For Ultra settings (all stats at high), use a computer with a CPU of at least 3.0 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz or equivalent). Graphics card with 1GB VRAM.
For High settings (all stats at high), use a computer with a CPU of at least 3.0 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz or equivalent). Graphics card with 1GB VRAM or higher.
For Normal settings (all stats at high), use a computer with a CPU of at least 2.0 GHz (Intel Core 2–Free-Download-March2022.pdf

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