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My self, Lena Raine has been listening to colors for as long as I can remember. I started to compose when I was very young and the path hasn’t really strayed too far from there. The reason why I started making games was so that I could share the music and animations I had created with others.
Chicory is an action RPG that was made by a team of friends. Everyone has contributed and made a huge effort into making Chicory the game it is today.
Let the music be a source of inspiration to your journey through the many colors of Chicory!
How to Play:
Lena Raine – Piano, Fake Guitar, Fake Drums, Keyboards & Synths
Kristin Naigus – Recorders, Oboe, Bassoon, English Horn, Flute, Bass Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Melodica, Quena, Pan Flute, Irish Whistle
Michaela Nachtigall – Violin, Viola
SungHa Hong – Cello
Stemage – Real Guitar
Kevin Ragone – Real Drums
Carlos “insaneintherainmusic” Eiene – Alto Sax
Emi Evans – Vocals on The Mountain Top
Presented By:
I’m giving away a free download of this album and I’d like to give a special thanks to the people who are a big part of this project.
Cody Bellot – Guitar, Sound Designer
Justin Joslin – Music Supervisor and Director of Production
Jill Johnson – Audio Director and Executive Producer
Marc Vellante – Composer
Carolyn William – Cinematics
Oscar You – Animator
Wes Cortier – Executive Producer
Daniel Liedtke – Lead Artist
Erika Waller – Lead Artist
Adam Cross – Lead Artist
Erica Ralph – Lead Artist
Andrzej Paczynski – Lead Artist
Jasmine Hochstetter – Lead Artist
Andr̩a Mosquera РLead Artist
Nick Bartel – Lead Artist
Naime Zene – Lead Artist
Oscar You – Lead Artist
DeAnna Gilman – Lead Artist
Trevor Hartwick – Lead Artist
The list could go on forever, but this is the most important people…
Moments to Remember
A few moments I love to share with you. The music comes first. Of course the story is important, but the music is what inspired me and I wanted to share it with you


Features Key:

  • Play as in the original Tiger Fighter (1928). Now updated with many new and improved planes.
  • More than a dozen new missions.
  • 120 missions, 24 new planes.
  • Standard Game System (TGS) with 2 Credit colors per game.
  • TGS Continuous – the Flight simulation game.
  • Tiger and Tiger II planes made by M.T. – MTS (Matix-Tengus Sportivo) by Tiger
  • Explore 42 maps and 3 terrains.
  • 8 offline achievements.
  • Lots of fun!
  • Download game setup file for PC platform


    Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora!Tora! MP003 Crack Free Download PC/Windows

    Satellite Pictures/ Hi-bit Soft Co., Ltd.1995 Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora!Tora! (Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora! Tora! Tora! in Japan). Devised by Katsuhide Motokari, designed by Toshiyuki Kamei.
    Assault (attack), Skill (special attack) and Special Skill (acquiring further skills) are added. You also can choose a command (multiple time acceleration).
    Deviced by: Katsuhide Motokari (Kagawa City)
    Programmed and designed by: Toshiyuki Kamei (Kagawa City)
    Added after publishing by: Egami-Yu Otsu
    Audio General Manager: Norimitsu Tsuruoka (Kagawa City)
    Soykano (Lorelei)
    Music: Shunsuke Hamano
    Music Composer: Shunsuke Hamano
    (Kagawa City, August, 1995)
    UPDATES: The game is improved by the number of events, once a year.
    The game is improved by the number of maps, once a year.
    Support mail:
    Katsuhide Motokari
    MotokariE-mail (Katsuhide Motokari)
    (MotokariE-mail in Japanese is slightly inverted. The address is
    MotokariE-mail but the address of each sentence is E-mail)
    * Kotori-shokai is currently working on the first project.
    Friends (Kotori-shokai):
    Katsuhide Motokari, Yuzu Kuwahara, Mitsugu Tsuji, Yushi Igarashi,
    Aki Kado, Kosuke Naruse, Hidehito Misumi, Yuko Zushi, and many, many.
    We wish it.
    Outlook (Kotori-shokai):
    A second anniversary of the game is coming. Here’s the mail.
    (Kotori-shokai is currently working on the first project. The address is
    Kotori-shokai but the address of each sentence is E-mail)
    Latest News (Kotori-shokai):
    Kotori-shokai has finally made the post about the new music


    Tiger Fighter 1931 Tora!Tora!Tora! MP003 With Product Key For Windows

    The combination of fantasy roleplaying and tactical wargaming has always been a strong attraction for me, and I’m very excited to introduce my new fantasy game set in the world of Drakethere.
    The first, and most important, of its kind to appear on this site, Drakethere is a 4E fantasy fantasy RPG based on the game rules I’ve developed in a 3D Fantasy board game called: “The Green Dragon”.
    Key Features:
    * Skill-based combat system (like “Fantasy Grounds”)
    * 3D hand-painted maps
    * 28 fantasy races and monsters
    * 3D fantasy buildings
    * 5E Skill-Based Character Classes
    * Feat selection from the excellent D20 FAQ 3.5
    * Rules for starting and playing female characters
    * Weapon stats and properties
    * Advanced rules for Epic Adventures and Covens of Wicca
    Drakethere is based on the book and board game “The Green Dragon: Fantasy Role-Playing Game” by Kevin Siembieda and Christopher Irvin, published by Wizards of the Coast in November 2008.
    The original game was published in 2009.
    Thanks to the good folks at Wizards of the Coast, I have access to an early copy of the D&D Complete Core Monster Pack, which I’m including with Drakethere for those of you who prefer the classic D&D ruleset, the new 5E ruleset or a mix of the two, to those new to the game.
    I’ve also put a bunch of sheets, sheets and notes related to the fantasy RPG rules used in Drakethere into a separate zip-file available here: [redirected]
    For those of you unfamiliar with the board game, this is an excellent RPG setting designed for quick games. It gives you a lot of value for your money.
    The Green Dragon Rules for the game (D&D version) and several maps of the fantasy world of Drakethere are available as a free download on this site. They will not affect the sales price of Drakethere.
    The first portion of the modules, the game rules, is designed for 2-3 player game sessions, while the advanced modules will work with four or more players.
    As with all my products, you can play Drakethere online for free with this D&D character sheet.
    *Technical details: D&D 4E/5


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