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Features Key:

  • Game
  • Size
  • 12 Days of Christmas
  • Not rated
  • Description: Nintendo’s WiiWare is home to some of the best games from Europe, Japan and the rest of the world and now, thanks to the grace of gaming’s only monarch – The Emperor – that spirit has now come home to Treasure Valley where gamers can now experience that very content on the Game Boy Advance handheld. So, whether you want a high-speed platformer, a turn-based RPG or an up-close strategy game, it’s all here, for your gaming pleasure.Now, we have competition, as BWG has a very exclusive offer – a special Christmas edition of Carp & Coarse in which you play in a hidden secret level, complete with music and art inspired by the festive season. This holiday quest will put you in the shoes of our forest npc Tomesmo alongside his tech-savvy companion Glori who will help guide you through the adventure. The catch is, of course, you have to avoid the dreaded Carp & Coarse, which eats humans if you are not careful and now the whole world has become a force for evil or good, depending on how you respond!Sat, 21 Dec 2002 16:13:00 GMT for you
    A for youSat, 21 Dec 2002 12:24:00 GMT son
    Sister sonSat, 21 Dec 2002 11:06:00 GMT deals, edges,


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