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Sprite Decomposer lets you generate animations from a sprite sheet easily.
Different tools are provided to let you cut your images into different animations. Among  them we can find the cutting grid, cutting rectangular and auto cutting.







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Sprite Decomposer is an easy-to-use program for creating animations with sprite images.

Sprite Decomposer Features:

A quick way to make animations from a sprite sheet.
Cut your images into different animations.
Save the results in different formats.

The program is easy to use and comes with many settings, so you can get the results that you want for your projects.
To simplify the process, multiple projects are created, so you can work on them simultaneously and share the results among the team.
The program is available for Windows, and the interface is easy to understand.

How to use it?

To activate the Sprite Decomposer program, you have to download it and install it on your computer.
Start the software, and load the image of the sprite sheet.


After you load the image, you will see a lot of different options, such as the main options in the tool, the image options, the effects and settings.

In the main window, you have the options to decide which animation you want to create, and you can also add some settings to the process, such as the stage name, where the animations will be saved and some other information.

To move from one animation to another, you just have to press the respective button.
And, you will get all the images combined into the animation.

To stop the creation process and save the animation in a specific format, click the “Finish” button.
It’s time to start animating!

So, you can generate an easy animation simply by clicking a button and add effects while creating the animation.

The sprites are included in the structure and you can get the results you want.

Update 06/12/2017

I released a new version of Sprite Decomposer, v 3.0. Please review what is new here.


I’ve been using Sprite Sheeter plugin for Photoshop and it’s a really useful tool! It lets you save your sprites with set effects and phases automatically.
You can install it here:

I also found Splitting Scenes plugin that seems good too. You can install it from here.


Sprite Decomposer Torrent Free

Sprite Decomposer is an excellent tool for people who want to create sprite animations without the use of another application. It’s a simple application with many powerful features that I created with the intent that people don’t need to write any code. In fact, it is much simpler to use than a sprite editor. The tool also makes it easy to capture the animations from a sprite sheet. Use it for creating animated web pages, menus, and more.
Sprite Decomposer Features:
– The application lets you create animations from any free image/png/jpg/jpeg.
– Using this tool, you can generate animations from the desktop into an xml file.
– It’s very easy to cut frames from a sprite sheet.
– In addition, you can use the application to zoom, pan, and rotate the image.
– Now using this tool you can convert an image into a sprite sheet.
– This tool has the ability to add the same image as different frames for the sprite animation.
– In addition, you can generate a unique animation of an image without needing a previous image.
– This tool lets you add loops, returns, and reverse to the generated animations.
– It lets you automatically align the frames in the desired order.
– It offers the random frame order option so that you don’t need to see the same frame.
– The tool lets you drag and drop the image sprite to generate different animations.
– It automatically generates different angles and views.
– Other simple features are available in this tool.
– It has a simple and organized interface.
– You can add buttons to the interface.
– It supports Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7.
– The application is fully compatible with different programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, C#, etc.
– The files that you don’t need to be stored on your system, they’ll be stored in the application’s folder.
– Once you open the program, you need to give an image to be used in the generated animation.
– The program generates a.xml file with the image name as its icon.
– Then you can save the animation in the desired file format.
How to use:
– To open the program, double-click on it.
– This tool will be installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\SPRITE_DECOM

Sprite Decomposer Crack Full Product Key

Used to cut sprite animations into their relevant individual frames, this tool has the potential to create a looping animation from an original sprite sheet with just a couple of clicks and a drag. It is an easy-to-use GUI that will make your work go faster.
This tool supports 24/32/48/64 screen pixels and scalable images with alpha channel. It  can cut rectangular regions, circular regions or either any combination. And it also supports auto-cut, which can automatically generate all the visible images.
It is free and open-source, so you are free to use it for personal projects too.
New Features:
New in version 1.8.10:
New UI design.
New performance optimizations.

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What’s New In Sprite Decomposer?

Sprite Decomposer is a free, easy to use and customizable tool.
You can select every frame of your image and set the duration of the final animation.
You can save your animation in different format like flash animations,  HTML5 animations and so on.
You can select the starting frame, the ending frame and the percentage of frames to cut between two keys.
You can select the left or right part of the image to cut.
The percentage of the image to cut in the left/right part must be bigger than the percentage of frames.  If you choose an X% of images to cut in the left/right part, for example 0% 20%, it will use the first 0% of images and the last 20% of the images from the sprite sheet.
You can also select the image quality of the animation by choosing from 2×2, 4×4 and 6×6.
Different filters can be applied to the final animation too.
If you set to auto the cutting, the tool will automatically cut the animation to the best file format.
If you have some bugs or issues with the tool, feel free to share it with us.
Sprite Decomposer Features:
– Generate Spritesheet Animation from a single sprite
– Auto cutting, can automatically cut the sprite to a sequence of frames
– Use the maximum of the images quality (2×2, 4×4, 6×6)
– Use the Animation from a set percentage of images
– Save the Animation in different format like Flash, HTML5, Web.Animation, etc
– Width or Height of the Images, can be automatically cut
– Use the background transparent
– Select the parts of the images to cut (top/left/right/bottom)
– Select the number of frames to cut (max value is 5000)
– Nice user interface and different color backgroud.
– Save the animation in different format (like flash, htm5, web.Animation, etc)
– Autocut the image to the best quality
– Click for cut the image in the left/right part of the image
– Save the Animation in different format (like flash, htm5, web.Animation, etc)
– Autocut the image to the best quality
– Click for cut the image in the left/right part of the image
– Save the Animation in different format (like flash, htm5, web.Animation


System Requirements:

8 GB RAM recommended.
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2020 are supported.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB RAM) recommended for 1600×900.
Corsair Fury Platinum II
For the graphics processor, we use a high end card that is fully capable of giving you the very best performance. The graphics card is paired with an equally capable gaming mouse.
If you are planning on playing in high detail settings like we did, the next graphics card you should consider


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