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• How to play & Features

Elden Ring – Tarnished is an action RPG set in the Lands Between, a mysterious world that connects various fantasy universes. You are the player character, who gains power by gathering 3 Runes. The game’s in-game resources, consisting of the Gems, Crystals, and Experience Points (XPs) that you acquire through the actions that you take during the game, can all be used to improve your equipment and abilities, as well as enhance the Runes that you gather.

● Physical skills, Magic, Weapon, and Armor can be upgraded.

● The encounter rate of monsters and the rate at which you can acquire Gems, Crystals, XPs and Gold change based on the difficulty of the situation, actions, and the equipped equipment.

● The amount of XPs that you get from the actions that you take depends on your level and your character’s level, skill, and grade (MAX STR for Level 50).

● There are a variety of different equipment that can be obtained through the actions that you take, and each item gives you an effect.

● Gain experience points from actions that you take, and you can raise your character’s level.

● [Online Multiplayer]

With player-to-player communication, you can trade and fight with other players while traveling through the Lands Between. Also, when you play through the story, you can travel to the location where other players are playing in a limited area, including dungeons that have been generated on the server.

● [Asynchronous Online]

An asynchronous online feature is used, which allows you to feel the presence of others.

You can communicate with other players in real time, and you will feel the presence of them in the game.

● [Story]

“The Lands Between” is a world in which you will interact with various characters who engage in various activities.

The Lands Between is a place that connects several different universes. Here, various Rune Gates are formed and the battle between good and evil is performed.

The story of the game is made up of fragments from the perspectives of many different characters, who each have their own stories.

In the world of the Lands Between, your actions and decisions are an important factor. You gain power by making the correct decisions, and enjoy the high sense of satisfaction that is achieved by succeeding in battles.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Experience Dungeons where the Terrifying Elements Are Primeval, Mysteries Await, and the Threat of Death Never Let You Be Safe
  • Witness the Hero’s True Descendants Become Gods Leading the Ordinary People to the Myth of Odin
  • Defeat Large Numbers of Enemies in Battle and Influence the Fate of the World
  • The world teems with vast areas of untouched wilderness that progress through the stages of human civilization, spanning towns, fields, and rivers. Explore freely without restrictions and enjoy exploring the vast world!
  • Unlock Skills by Increasing Your Level and Obtain Various Weapons
  • A Game Built to Prove It’s Quality and Enjoyable by All