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* An Elden Ring Action RPG is a fantasy RPG that focuses on the quest of the hero. As an adventurer, you will travel in the world that is comprised of open fields, dungeons, and towns, interact with NPCs, enhance your skills, and develop your character. The lands of fantasy are open for you to adventure freely.
* The development team behind the Elden Ring is comprised of veterans who spent a long time in the development of action RPGs such as LOS (RPG Maker). We are confident to bring a new standard fantasy RPG game to the next level.
* Light and Dark Elements
Based on the fantasy story from the older myths, our game features a world comprised of Light and Dark elements in the form of gods and monsters. This drama between the Light and Dark spirits becomes the basis of the story that will be told in fragments.
* A Legendary Story with a Multilayered Drama
The drama begins in the ancient times of the Lands Between. In this world, you will experience the drama of the quest of the hero who overcame this great struggle between Light and Dark.
* A Fantasy Game That Thrives on Freedom
You can freely go anywhere and do anything in the world, such as trek across fields, take on monsters, and explore dungeons. In addition to the vast world, we are implementing countless new features that are not included in conventional RPG games.
* An Action RPG that is Attentive to Detail
With meticulous attention to detail, we are bringing a game that is punctuated by the charm of fantasy and provides a seamless sensation of immersion.

The disappearance of the four darklings
Will the truth about this incident be revealed?

The Earth has been invaded by darklings,
But the world’s fate is dependent on the four young girls.
To save the world, and win the competition in the mysterious war,
Only the hero who enchants the four girls can begin his journey.
Search for the answers and take on the next challenge.

In this fantasy action RPG created by RPG Maker,
you can join the heroes of the four Elden Girls in their journey
to discover a truth behind a disappearance of darklings.

• Gothic Fantasy Drama – 10 chapters in total
• Up to a 10th chapter (Chapter 10) after the main story is completed
• Dark, Laughing Intro Story
• Destructive, Ripping Intro Story


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast and exciting world. Explore from continent to continent, from cottage to safe castle and from mountain to grassland.
  • A nice, chibi version of the in-game character, Tarnished.
  • Key feature: The land of Altus… went to exile twice, and so, wandering, it embraces new experience.
  • The ability to raise horses and personal treasure.
  • An ability to interact with others through the “Synchronization”.
  • Unparalleled Action and Diversification of Actions
  • Currently a PS3 exclusive title.

    In order to play, you must have first bought the game from PlayStation Store, downloaded it to your PS3 and started the installation.

    © 2010-2016 Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. Developed by Nintendo.

    Name: LeifthartAllegiance (Species): LizardDate of birth: 0Nine tense rings pass until he sees through the lies…Origin: The Crucible (Hoshido)Known History: A former ally of Eirik, who becomes a terrible criminal, possessing the will to overthrow Yorozuya’s empire…Favorite Battle Skill/Weapons/Magery? Battle-game magic (Tyro Skill)Master: Feral, A Cezanne, Personality: A bit of a lonely kid at first, but caring, kind and frank. He was raised by his father to fend for himself, but found in Yorozuya something that allowed him to try being a parent for the first time in his life. He hopes to give his children the same happiness.Core Battle Partner: Ginji, VictrixOrigin: The Western CountryKnown History: Victrix kept watch over the compound and was the only one to survive the coup, staying behind to guard the children. Yashiro is arrested after a very public fight with her sister Yomi, and she decides to stay and be with the family she has built. (This last bit of information is from the World Map, not the side story!)Favorite Battle Skill/Weapons/Magery? Alchemy magic (Alchemy Skill


    Elden Ring Product Key [2022-Latest]

    This game was played with a review unit provided by NIS America.

    Katsumi on December 29, 2019 9:06

    This game is quite dark and kind of difficult. Not to mention that it’s a turn based RPG, but it’s very interesting to play and fun even if it’s difficult.



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    Beautiful and attractive graphic style.

    An easy difficulty that is not frustrating.

    Original story.

    Deep character development.

    A vast world and a variety of different situations.

    A unique online experience.

    Lightning fast battles.

    Huge dungeons with a three-dimensional design.

    A deep drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect.

    A vast world and a variety of different situations.

    Multiplied weapon element.

    Beautiful and attractive graphic style.

    A deep difficulty that is not frustrating.

    An original story.

    Character development.

    A unique online experience.

    A high sense of achievement.

    A deep drama that has a mythological flavor.

    Deep gameplay.

    Rich characters.

    A variety of strong boss monsters.

    Beautiful and attractive graphic style.

    Deep difficulty that is not frustrating.

    An original story.

    Deep character development.

    A beautiful world and variety of different situations.

    Rich characters.

    A wide range of weapons.

    Main Hero

    CHARACTERS Are you ready to become a hero and fight for the Lands Between? This is a special

    attraction where your character will grow and the story will unfold in front of your eyes. Heroes can be

    developed like any other characters, but you can choose your character class and team-up with

    another player to become a team. The values of your characters will be increased with each battle you


    Each Character has its own unique traits and skills. Combat specialist characters such as soldiers,

    vigilantes, and hunters will earn more experience points and benefit from their increased strength and



    You must register your account to play The Tarnished Prince. You can register your account by selecting

    an appropriate email address in the area below. Please fill in the information as accurately as possible, and

    make sure the email address you provide is correct.

    Character Name:



    Password Confirmation:

    How will you tell your friends about The Tarnished Prince? (Remember that we cannot contact your friends

    for you)





    Strong Sword

    A sword that was left


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Blood Run

    Take the reins of a Hellknight, a warrior without a past… a brand new hero who stands firmly on the front lines of the epic battle against evil. Blaze forward as you adopt the role of a seasoned mercenary to embark on ever-changing paths full of exciting battles.
    • A New Hero and a New Adventure
    At the start of the battle, a Hellknight is presented with a “ticket,” a name and a quest; the ticket is a mere beginning. With your first objective set, you have a wide choice of missions to offer the LN (Living Noble) who accepts your quest. There will be no dull quests or boring side quests in Blood Run. Instead, we will present you with a variety of exciting adventures lined with battles with intense back-and-forth action.
    • Create a Build that fits Your Play Style
    With battle customization, you can create a character that is designed to fit your play style, such as a fast-moving, or a calm, skill-based build. The stronger the character, the more combat potential you will have.
    • Epic Battles High in Presence
    Endure the onslaught of Archers, Knights, Heavy Armor Mercenaries, and Trysks as you embark on an adventure on new battlefields. Once you gain expertise in combat, the battlefield is transformed into an emerald labyrinth. Ride the lines of Heavens, Earth, and Hell as you plunge through the ground and fight your way up. It’s a most powerful battlefield experience that will leave you breathless!
    • True-to-Life Strong-Character Development
    It is up to you to master the optimal combination of skills and level the Hellknight that will blend with your play style, which is supposed to be a true-to-life experience.
    • Dynamic Heroes Awaken
    Along the way, more heroes will be discovered who have already begun their journey. As such, the surprise and fate of an expected outcome will always be waiting for you and it will force you to awaken beyond human expectations.

    Hot Blooded Type Cosmos

    In the heart of a dying planet, crisis is never at rest. The heroic struggle continues until the very end. The “Eolur Kingdom” has been injured, and the people in need of training have no one to rely on but you.

    In the midst of danger, the ultimate school of martial arts awaits you. Now, equip yourself with new equipment and amulets


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