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Elden Ring Game, a fantasy game from the Kyoto-based Kurashiki branch of KOEI TECMO, is a new action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between. Rise up as a Tarnished Lord and befriend the dangerous powers known as the Elden Ring.

The Lands Between are a forbidden land, where the people who live in the Seven Realms, which are the seven continents of the world, have lived in peace for 400 years. However, the Seven Realms are not destined to live this long. On the eastern side of the Lands Between, the lands of the Elden and the Lizardmen, which are the two races that dwell in the Lands Between, have been on the brink of war for years.

With the destruction of the Elden and the Lizardmen’s southern cities, a great crisis had occurred in the Lands Between. As Tarnished Lords who have been granted the power of the Elden Ring by the gods of the Lands Between, you must protect the people of the Seven Realms by restoring peace to the Lands Between.

As the first action RPG that utilizes the power of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) browser and a website, Elden Ring Game, a fantasy game from the Kyoto-based Kurashiki branch of KOEI TECMO, is now officially available for both PC and smartphones worldwide.

KOEI TECMO CO., LTD. (KCI), headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, develops, publishes and distributes games for both domestic and international markets. Established in 1985, KCI has grown to be one of the world’s leading game makers. KCI is recognized for producing unique games with high production values. Its diverse range of franchises include the Ninja Gaiden, Tecmo Bowl, Sengoku BASARA, the Tekken series, Ridge Racer, the Atelier series, the Dark Souls series, as well as Dragon’s Dogma, Anarchy Reigns, Lost Odyssey, Okami and the Drakengard series. Its flagship franchise, Monster Hunter, was first released in Japan in 2002 and has been sold to around 160 countries around the world, including the United States, as well as over 20 million units domestically.

KOEI TECMO AMERICA, INC., headquartered in Foster City, Calif., manages game


Features Key:

  • Dedicated 16-bit graphics. It is the strongest graphics that Steins;Gate can provide.

  • A story full of twists and turns. The story goes deeper and deeper, adding complexity and savoring every detail in the way you play. In this way, you will experience all of Steins;Gate in a very special way.

  • Hard battle against fierce monsters. All sorts of bosses will appear in the Land Between, and you will have to defeat them to capture their souls. They are very strong, and will not be possible to defeat without a powerful weapon. That is why you will need to equip lots of skills and items, and combine them appropriately.

  • Easy to play. Designed for people who do not intend to spend money, it is easy to play. You can play even without any previous knowledge, simply by clicking on the screen. There is little knowledge required to start from the beginning, and clearing a game will only take 30 minutes.

    Elden Ring, motion graphics, story, and more

    Elden Ring takes place in the Land Between, a mysterious continent on the border between the Kingdom of Salasar and the Kinship of Elden. Within the Land Between, an age-old enemy called the Black Magician may lay in wait.

    The main characters of Elden Ring are:

    Soren Ōkita
    Age: 20
    Obtained the power of the Elden Ring and the seal of the character.

    Magus of the Arts
    Age: 22
    Used to be a member of the Mage Guild. His abilities of magic were at the peak of his proficiency. Since then, as the story progresses, Soren will lose the command of magic for quite some time.

    The Great Grand Wizard of the Crafts
    Age: 36
    A fierce warrior who is unmatched in Elden Ring. He is a retired member of the Knights Order, and now is an Elden Lord. It is said that he has come to the new world of Elden Ring in order to find players to fight with.

    Allelusna the Graceful Lady
    Age: 20


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    – if you are a fan of fantasy games or RPG in general, you might really like this game…
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    – Level up in a dungeon or upon the field- Enroll a party of up to four party members to fight alongside you- Explore the vast world – Explore lots of dungeons – Increase your stats by leveling up- Enhance stats by investing your gold – Equip weapons and armor

    Fight to Make a Choice!

    The choice to make is yours. The choice to fail, and the choice to succeed, lies in your hands. In the world of Elden Ring, you can break a thousand hearts or a thousand golden statues.

    When you take up arms, you will face a battle, and you will be given the opportunity to discover your fate.

    For the sake of another, you will have to make a decision. You will fight.

    The choice to make is yours.

    Choose your fate – Use your life to save others or wield the power of history to slay the dragons.

    A New kind of Style

    The world of Elden Ring is a place with an inviting atmosphere, and it is also a place that gives you an excitement that you have never felt before. As a free-roaming action RPG that is played in the third person, it has many elements that allow for extremely high-quality visual graphics.

    As you explore, monsters will spawn in front of you and challenge you. Of course, you have the option of avoiding them altogether, but there are also situations where you can engage in combat and deal hefty damage to them. With the freedom of action and an abundance of opportunities, battles will be filled with action!

    It is here where the RPG genre will be born anew.

    A forgotten town in a far away land.
    This is the town that is only known to you, but it is also the place that you are destined to.

    The smallest and most insignificant of towns, it is also a city that has forgotten its original purpose. It is a town where the abandoned railroad and the old mansion seem to be the only remnants of the country where the grand buildings stood.

    The great cities and the great castles are frozen in the past, and so is the country. But even in that time, there were people who lived in the world of legend. As you pay a visit to the ruins of the old country, you will come across a place that is waiting to be awakened.

    A town in the relative darkness.
    Only you can decide what


    What’s new:

    … which is the funny thing about it (for my English ability) as far as I can tell, I only picked up minor spelling errors. However, I doubt they’ll listen to me, and “The times they are a changin'”.

    I’m used to it working on RuneScape in Hebrew. It worked in the past months and now I noticed this happening in the last few days. It probably has something to do with the way that it processed the server recently when I restarted it, but there’s no other explanation that I know of. I hate when it asks for captcha, when you need your account in order to post it, since you have to be logged in to post everything, and not give it a captcha.

    I’ll switch back to English until it’s fixed, though it will be kind of a PITA for posting on pages.

    Sounds like the usual “No!” thing – what sort of thing is a change from what is usually the default. If it’s expected I figure it, should always pop up.

    For the progress of the history(>10th Rev) page when saving, it takes back it’s progress on the page when viewing it again.

    Oh yes, I swear by these types of changes. When I’m playing a game, fiddling around at one of the features, and then get interrupted before the changes are “released” the majority of the time I’m going, “Oh, I’m missing what I had just finished! I know the changes are coming, but…”

    It would have been possible for tabundo to give an interpid example of how it would make things easier for people, like an experienced player having those options. As it stands, I can’t get it to boot using the DMG, or the ZIP. It just sits showing me the desktop, and you-do-know-we’re-not-talking-about-a-MORAL-game-here.

    Being that the ZIP uses the new way of handling DMGs, the user would be asked to change their DMG_ROOT into a registered EXT4 FS. You’ll then be able to mount it and start the new unit.

    Oh, and I’d suggest booting the system in single-user mode. It’s (not-so-frequently) a much more forgiving way to give people back their freshly formatted drive, and the drive used to build this Beta image can boot


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    Similar to thousands of other games, it was designed to be played online with other people.

    Much like a role-playing game, you play the character of a hero who lives in the lands between.

    You travel with your companions, who live and battle as heroes.

    The game has a world that is designed to be inhabited by tens of thousands of other players.

    It is well-equipped to provide a vast array of exciting events in the form of battles, monster-hunts, and quests.

    You can also enjoy a high degree of customization in terms of your own character.

    You can also gain power by fighting enemies.

    Playable from a first-person perspective, the in-game camera allows you to seamlessly scout and attack.

    It also lets you switch to a third-person view while moving.

    It will be fully functional in all languages.

    The game will be compatible with Windows OS.

    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 7/8/10

    CPU: 2.0 GHz

    RAM: 4 GB

    HDD: 4 GB

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    Mobility: DirectX compatible

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    >Hello everyone. This is Nyo, one of our new project manager, and I am so excited to show you all this. Today we introduce our new game that is still in the design phase. Enjoy Elden Ring!

    Elden Ring is an upcoming action RPG that can be played in a very immersive fashion. It is already in the design phase, and we’re sure you will enjoy our upcoming game. Feel free to leave comments and tell us your thoughts. With your feedback, we can make a better game!

    Elden Ring is developed by "OneFantasy", a company with several experience in the game industry. <


    System Requirements:

    Adobe Air 1.6+ is required to play this game.
    – OSX 10.8 or later.
    – Windows 7 SP1 or later.
    – ATI Radeon HD3200 or higher.
    – Mac OSX Snow Leopard or later.
    Minimum System Requirements for Windows
    ATI Radeon HD3200 or higher.
    Windows 7 SP1 or later.
    64-bit OS.
    3 GHz processor or faster.
    2 GB of RAM or more.
    19 GB free disk space.


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