Pustak Mahal Books.pdf

Pustak Mahal Books.pdf

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Pustak Mahal Books.pdf

Speak it – the first one to see whats in store

I had been hearing a lot of gossip about this dream girl from the moment she walked in the door with her beau. Her body was perfect and it was evident no one had had the chance to give her oral so her pussy must be as good as he said. All the girls had been too self-conscious to even try to pretend they wanted me inside them so I just had to play along, I would have gladly fucked her brains out, I would have done anything to get her alone. I enjoyed every minute of it, it would be a pretty good time if I wasn’t afraid of the consequences. The meal was finished, so I stood up and walked over to the kitchen to get them a bottle of wine. Of course I didn’t put it away, I thought I might need it to make it all worthwhile. When she got up, her slacks swished as they slowly fell to her ankles. She was probably 5’7″ I decided. I’d get to 10” if I played my cards right. She turned and started toward her bedroom, I followed her quickly. She turned around to face me, I found myself looking down at the most beautiful little pussy I’d ever seen. It was curved and shaved, my mouth was watering. I remember thinking how decadent it was to be able to eat a pussy. My cock was already hard, she must have sensed it because she was turning around and smiling at me. It was almost as if she was asking for it. I was hoping to avoid cumming just yet, I would have to play it smart and see if she’d still want me if I got her pregnant. She stood there waiting for me to come closer to her. I couldn’t control myself, I quickly grabbed her beautiful ass and gently squeezed. She responded by pushing her ass back against my hand. As her hand came to rest on top of my cock, I grabbed her in a bear hug and began to explore her melons with my free hand.

“Pustak mahal!” I heard an old man’s voice. I was in the middle of the room, my cock in my hand, stroking it slowly. I heard movement behind me, I tried to turn around. I was lifted off my feet. The old man was holding me in the air above my head, slowly going under me. My cock was about to burst



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