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Picasa HD For Windows 8 5.4.2 Product Key Free Download PC/Windows

“Based on the award winning desktop version of Google Photos, Picasa is a free, easy-to-use image organizer and editor. With Picasa you can create albums and share photos on your favorite social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Download Google Picasa 4.6 for Mac and get the full picture, including:

• Google+ tools to help you create, share and view.
• Full picture optimization tools to help you manage your pictures and share them more easily.
• Advanced editing tools to help you enhance your photos.
• Google+ sharing tools to help you share more easily on the web and on Google+.

In Google Picasa, you can:
• Easily find and organize images by date, people and places.
• Take a full, high-resolution, “legacy” picture of any face or scene in your phone.
• Create photo collages and edit them all in one place.
• Sync your pictures across multiple computers and mobile devices.
• Crop, rotate and edit photos.
• Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.”

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The Google Picasa application supports the following operating systems:

Photos is a full-featured picture manager and web gallery software which is used by millions of people to create photo albums or screensavers. Photos can be used in your web browser to organize and view your albums. In addition, it supports a number of other tasks like browsing, editing, uploading, and printing photos.

Photos supports:

✔ Easy to use — Add, organize, display and edit albums and images.
✔ Fast web based browsing — Explore images on our photo search engine and navigate from album to album.
✔ Customizable — You can use your own language. Add your favorite photos from Google Picasa.
✔ Powerful image processing — Enhance and enhance your images with our powerful tools like repair, crop, auto-enhance, and watermark.

Picasa HD For Windows 8 5.4.2 Activator

Picasa HD for Windows 8 Serial Key is a useful tool for the users who want to manage the albums from a Picasa account. You can use it to view your images and upload other files from your computer without having to use a browser.
Picasa is a popular service used by millions of people to store their images online and share them with friends. Although you can access your albums in a web browsers, some users prefer to have a desktop application in order to manage the saved items.
This tool allows you to view all your albums and create new ones in order to upload other photos. It displays the album content and provides access to the sharing settings if you want to prevent other users from accessing certain items.
The user can open images individually or start a slideshow in order to review all the files from the album. The default settings which include a zoom effect and a five second time interval can be customized from the Charms menu.
When you open an image you have the option to zoom in to a certain area by dragging or using the scroll wheel. If you want to add a caption or change the filename you can access the Edit option from the app menu.
You can upload multiple images to the desired album and view metadata details such as the date, dimension and camera settings. Before uploading the photos, make sure that you review the resize option as the app automatically changes the size for all uploaded items.
If you want to quickly access the images from your Google account, Picasa HD provides you with a reliable interface for your Windows 8 device.
Pricing and Availability:
Picasa HD for Windows 8 Serial Key is currently not available in the Windows Store. However, it may be released in the future.
Windows 8 101
Windows 8 Picasa Online HD
Picasa Online HD
Picasa Online
Picasa HD for Windows 8
Picasa HD for Windows 8 Specifications
Windows 8 101: Microsoft Windows 8
Overview of Microsoft Windows 8
Windows 8 is a powerful operating system for desktop computers. Its new form factor is designed to improve the browsing experience and make it more convenient to use for the users. It includes a new interface, touch-friendly controls, and a new security model.
The new operating system is designed to be easier and faster to use with a large tile display. It is also better suited to tablet users with a multi-touch interface. It has a unique gesture system designed to use the gestures of a user’s fingers to control the touch screen of a tablet computer.

Picasa HD For Windows 8 5.4.2 Free

With Picasa HD for Windows 8 you can view all your images from a Picasa account, upload new files to the albums and edit metadata from your photos in a desktop app.


I love it


By Nidalee

It lets you upload multiple photos

Picasa is still amazing


By SteveJ

I like using this app. It’s like Picasa on all your PCs. It’s a time saver when you’re using multiple computers.

Too slow


By tinnbird

The app uses up to 150% of my cpu while in use. The slideshow timer is way too slow. I would not use this app if it would not slow my computer down. At last the slideshow animation is too slow and takes up to four minutes just to save the slideshow. This app has to be greatly improved.

Nearly perfect


By jdefelice

The app could be better, but is nearly perfect.

Needs some features…


By reillat

I like the app but is missing options to do basic editing (crop/save as new) and the slideshow is not as effective as in the win8. Here are my suggestions.

Better slideshow feature


By AniklGe

The slideshow feature is not good when it comes to selections. If I select only 2 pictures, the slideshow is very long and takes time to load. When I select 100 pictures, it takes about 30 seconds to load and finally when loaded, the pictures are already finished and there is no way to change it like in windows 7. I wish Picasa brought back the old slideshow feature

I love this app…


By Halveem

I love this app because it allows you to upload multiple photos at once and the ability to change the name of them if you want. I also found it super easy and it works on all my computers.

It doesn’t work


By akali

I created an album on my Picasa and tried to copy the link to my HD. It doesn’t work and I get the error message.

New interface


By Jfjm

My memory sticks are now dead. can not install or run.

Nice app


By tsiakos

What’s New In Picasa HD For Windows 8?

Picasa HD offers a graphical user interface that makes your work easier. This application has an easy-to-use, clean design which makes it easy for you to browse through a new album. The system is installed and has a free account with Google. Thanks to the cross-platform architecture, you can also use the application on a smart tablet.

Official site of Google Picasa version 3.5.5.
Google Picasa is a very useful tool for users who are looking to upload and manage their images online. It allows you to view pictures from your computer, access your albums and create new ones in order to upload new photos.
Google Picasa for Windows 8 application allows you to upload images from your computer, view the albums created by your account, sort your images by date and title and change the settings for your images. The interface is user-friendly and it is designed in a way that makes your work easier.
You can organize your photos into different albums, share pictures with friends and access albums from other accounts by creating user names. You can check which photos have been shared with you and make a public slideshow for all of your images.
The default settings which include a zoom and slideshow effect can be customized from the Charms menu. You can import new images and the app automatically resizes the files without having to do anything. The interface is clean and sharp.
The application also enables you to view the created albums from your Google account and get access to other images that you share with people. You can preview these images and even add a caption to the item. You can keep them up to date with new photos using the gallery features.
Google Picasa for Windows 8 is a useful tool for users who want to manage the albums in a Google account. It provides you with a reliable interface to view the pictures you upload.
Google Picasa HD for Windows 8 Features:

– Device manager to help you access information about different external storage devices

– Convert 4:3 and 16:9 video clips for a variety of formats such as DVD, MP4 and Windows Media Player

– View photos and videos saved in contacts in a slide show format

– Summarize the images and videos stored in the container

– Share photos and videos via email

– Import photos from removable devices

– View photos and videos from a specific folder

– Create, move or delete photos from anywhere on your computer

– Copy photos and videos to any removable device


System Requirements For Picasa HD For Windows 8:

All of the above requirements will be met automatically with one exception: for the initial release, your system should be able to run the game on a single monitor, preferably a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio monitor. After the initial release, we’re looking at adding support for multiple monitors.
The multiplayer game will be primarily single-player, but multiplayer will be an option for the very first few months, and we will be adding options for it later. We will not be planning on adding online support for more than a few months, but we’re


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