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* Filters are Photoshop’s most powerful tool for altering images, but they’re too complex for the most casual user to effectively use. The _Photoscape_ filter tutorial described later in this chapter uses filters, but it teaches the steps in order to maximize the user’s enjoyment in using the filters.
* It offers an intuitive WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) user interface. Many times WYSIWYG means you get what you see is what you get, but you don’t necessarily see what you get.

Because Photoshop provides a variety of tools for retouching photos, this book focuses on the basics of manipulating digital images using Photoshop. Although Photoshop includes a few different special effects and filters for enhancing images, this book concentrates on simple steps that can be used with any photo, regardless of whether the image was taken with a camera or scanned from a printed page.

Advanced Photoshop techniques, such as advanced color corrections, white balancing, and printing, are beyond the scope of this book and aren’t appropriate for beginners because they require more advanced skills than those taught in this book.

## Using Photoshop

The following sections explain how to use Photoshop effectively. The sections also include examples of how to use several elements to create a digital art piece. If you are already familiar with Photoshop, skip ahead to the next section or section “Customizing your workspace.”

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History and development

Photoshop was first published in the 1990s and was originally developed to work as a photo editing application. However, Adobe decided to completely redesign the program and to transform it into a general purpose graphics editor which would be capable of editing nearly all image types.

Photoshop originated in 1984 with the development of the Macintosh Paint, which was followed by MacPaint in 1985. In 1987, the Macintosh Paint 2, a greatly improved version of the earlier Macintosh Paint application was first introduced. Photoshop was a Windows application produced by Adobe Systems Inc. from 1987 to 2002.

Photoshop CS2, released on October 5, 2001, was a major update to Photoshop and its first major graphical user interface redesign. The user interface was completely redesigned for Windows, and the Macintosh edition continued to use the older Macintosh Paint UI. The new graphical interface included many new features such as: the New Document Wizard, the Toolbox, the Paints Palette, the Quick Selection tool, the Image Calculator, the Image Trace tool, the Refine Edge, the Frame Tint tool, the Gradient Tool, the Dodge tool, the Burn tool, the Lasso tool, the Channels palette, the Transform tool and the Gradient Fill tool. CS2 included features borrowed from Adobe Acrobat 4.0, such as the navigation toolbars, the tabs, the Quick Tag tool, the File history, and the Zoom tool. Adobe also added its Eyedropper tool for making sample color selections from a selected area of the image.

The user interface was redesigned in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Released on December 12, 2004, Elements provided a simpler, simpler, user interface and a faster workflow for photos and graphics. Photoshop Elements included the features that were in the new version of Photoshop, plus the ability to make quick fixes to existing pictures using Smart Filters. Elements was an easy-to-use, basic photo editing program.

Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements 10 was released on September 11, 2006 and included features such as cloning, digital painting, rotation, perspective, color adjustments, ability to choose from over 150 clip art images, editing pdf and eps files, the ability to print a sheet, and new features such as the ability to create and edit jpegs in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, image masking, and more. The press release stated that “the focus of this version of Photoshop Elements was to deliver something simpler and more easily used”.

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Remove table and add comments

I would like to ask someone how it is possible to remove the table elements from document (including the table) and add comments to original document with original citation?
I have learned that \xcomment{Text} works, but I am not sure how to create a list of all of the elements that will be removed?


The simple way is to use the etoolbox library. With this, your code will be (adapted to your needs):
\typeout{Uncomment with \string\@beginuncomment}
% \typeout{Uncomment with \string\@enduncomment}


How do I make print statements working with asyncio?

I am trying to run the code from this page:
but it doesn’t seems to work.
Here is my code:
from typing import Any, Callable, Optional
import asyncio
import time

class MyTask(asyncio.Task):
def _a_task:
print(“I am waiting…”)
await asyncio.sleep(10)
print(“I am awake!”)

class MyServer:
def __init__(self, task):
self._task = task

def loop(self, future):
# This function is specified by the __init__ method
print(“I am in the loop of the server”)
# Block the loop to execute the tasks
self.loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
# Start

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