Pc Voice Changer Peter Griffin \/\/TOP\\\\

Pc Voice Changer Peter Griffin \/\/TOP\\\\


Pc Voice Changer Peter Griffin

Although he likes to make up riddles, Peter is actually terrible at them. In season 5s Knocked Up, he decides to make up riddles about what he calls “coincidental funny stuff” for Lois, all to get a rise out of her. He guesses a bunch of weird things, such as “a bunion ring” and “hating foreigners”. When he guesses the correct answer, she is so surprised, she shoots him with an arrow through his head and then leaves him for dead. She later changes her mind, and helps him take a bunch of pills and bandage his head. Peter of course recovers, and is able to continue the riddles with everyone’s favorite new pregnant woman.

Although his wife is the mother of his children, Peter is a father figure to Cleveland. Peter is very protective of Cleveland, he can’t stand it when the police try to ask too many questions, and his children call him Papa.

Peter has an accent, but it isnt a regional accent. It is actually a Boston accent, which would explain his involvement in the Boston culinary scene. Despite his accent, he thinks of himself as Bostonian. In the episode Bruce Almighty, Peter is attending a table reading of Bruce Almys book, but he feels out of place with his accent, and his accent isnt working in the US. Almys brother tells him that as long as he lives in America, he will always have an accent. Peter quotes the line “Vestments echo in the halls” from the movie The Shawshank Redemption, which is from American prisons, and he decides to go back home to Boston. After being in America for only a few days, he goes back to being a clown.

Peter loves food. He is very passionate about cooking, and loves making food that he sees as cool. In the episode Ted Talks, he makes Michelle over for dinner, and even pretends to be a chef with his culinary training.

That said, the most obvious difference between the characters is that the voice is all Peter. Much like the Family Guy theme tune, the Peter Griffin theme song is also amazingly catchy, and is often the favourite of MacFarlanes fans. The song was actually written by MacFarlanes real-life wife, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, and is played during every episode (including the opening credits). The song is similar in style to artists such as the Animaniacs and Superfly, despite MacFarlane’s sarcasm with songs such as One toke over the line in one episode, where the lyrics include “I just want to smoke that one cigarette” (Lyrics from this episode were also one of the reasons that MacFarlane briefly quit Twitter ).
Peter Griffin was named after Peter Sellers. Sellers had done a voice work for a feature film MacFarlane had worked on called The Golden Child (not to be confused with the Speed 2: Cruise Control, Pixels or the Final Destination series) that MacFarlane had wanted to play the lead part. As such, Peter Griffin was an homage to Sellers. MacFarlane has told that he was also inspired by the Blow Up character portrayed by Michael Caine, including the laugh on the roof of his mouth.
Peter puts on his regular brown outfit, as always, and begins treating his staff like crap. He sits on his ermine throne, and while Brian and Chris are attacking his food for some reason, Peter, in a fit of rage and frustration, hits the giant meatball on his desk, which knocks the entire room over. When Brian and Chris try to help, Peter punches both of them. He then hits all the men who work at the restaurant, and when they try to stop him, he smashes them into their table of food. He then forces all of the women to strip naked. When none of them do, he grabs one of their nipples and pulls until it’s a good length. When a delivery driver, Sean, whips up out of his car and tells Peter that no more naked women will be served, Peter beats him with his sword until he agrees to a blowjob. When Brian and Chris, who are now all in suits, try to stop him, Peter jumps off his throne and smashes a table over their heads. The final insult to human dignity occurs when Chris and Brian return to the restaurant, and pay for their food, and Peter, still in the same clothes, hands both their checks to the staff without even batting an eye. In the end, Peter decides that he wants to be the King of England because that is the British accent.


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