Mobius Unleashed Siterip Full |TOP| Mega

Mobius Unleashed Siterip Full |TOP| Mega

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Director Noah Baumbach and his co-writer and star Greta Gerwig walk a wobbly tightrope between contemporary satire and old-school Hollywood farce in Mistress America. Continuing a collaboration that began five years ago with Greenberg and then paid rich creative dividends in Frances Ha, theyve now come up with a girl-bonding-and-breaking tale that simultaneously feels tossed off and minutely choreographed in its comic timing. There are many humorous and social morsels to enjoy here, although theyre of rather disposable quality. More problematic for many viewers may be the overpowering verbal torrent unleashed by Gerwigs force-of-nature Manhattan scenester as well as the viciousness with which some of the female characters attack one another. This Fox Searchlight release will be a tricky sell outside of key big-city markets.

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