Laser Printer Working Principle Pdf ##HOT## Download

Laser Printer Working Principle Pdf ##HOT## Download



Laser Printer Working Principle Pdf Download

buying a inkjet printer can be confusing. the printer is probably the largest single expense in a computer purchase. most inkjet printers have very well-organized and easy-to-use interfaces. some models even have settings that might help you in the process of using your ink cartridge.

the best documentation for the printer is its manual. by reading it carefully, youll be able to understand how each feature of the printer works. there is also a chance that someone at the store where you purchase your printer can help you with this.

some printers utilize a laser while others use a dot-matrix printer. in general, you shouldnt have a problem with using a laser printer. print documents that are 21.5-by-29 inches (16 sheets) or smaller at 300-dpi. if you have a large print job, you shouldnt be worried about running out of toner. most printers have a 2,500-sheet or larger toner cartridge. so make sure that you are familiar with the toner-laser cartridge specifications before doing anything else. your local printer technician should be able to guide you on how to assemble the toner cartridge.

in dot-matrix printers, the print head is actually a little dot in one corner. the print head touches a sheet of paper and sends out ink. there are several dots that make up a line. every dot in the print head represents a color. for each color, the dot must be in the right place to create the desired color. so dot-matrix printers arent as complicated to operate as a laser printer. its quite simple just like a typewriter. to print out a document, you simply print every line separately and then go up one line. to do so, you will press the print key and then the line feed key.

the real reasons for an ink cartridge to stop working are a cartridge that has run out of ink or the cartridge has been damaged. checking the cartridge for the ink level is easy by first getting a tip that has not been used. if the printer is full or close to being full then the ink level should be above the yellow line. if there is no ink left in the cartridge then the yellow line will be at the bottom of the cartridge. therefore, the best way to find out whether or not a cartridge is empty is to get a new cartridge. the ink cartridge should not be checked by plugging it into the printer. this could cause it to empty out all of its ink and it can be a dangerous situation.
make sure you are using the correct style of document before you print. if you have a document that has a lot of text on the page and you are printing text only, then the document isnt going to look good. print set to text only is the best setting to use. if the document includes graphics, then it is a good idea to select as high quality as possible. selecting as high quality will generally allow you to scale down your graphics, although this may not be an option with some printers.
many people like the look of halftone screens on their prints, however, this only does half the work. these screens can only be seen when the printer is printing and cannot be viewed at other times. to view them, you have to increase the output settings to max. this will cause the print to look washed out in many cases, and it will not be as visible as if the print was actually printed. this option is not always a good idea. if you frequently print color artwork or images, you should look for ways to change the color of your inkjet printer.

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