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Khutbat E Ahmadiyya In Urdu Pdf

the practical meaning of khutbat-e-ahmadiya is that where such an institution is not created and is not implemented, the believers in the qu’ran, the hadith and the sunnah are deprived of their rights and obligations. the muslim has to be always vigilant and watchful for such institutions in his society and maintain a permanent vigil that the preachers of these institutions are not fomenting hatred and discord among the muslims. the muslim also has to keep a watchful eye on the various institutions that are being set up and funded by the governments to propagate the qu’ran and hadith in the name of the prophet (sa). he has to stop any such institution from impinging upon the muslims and the faith and culture of the muslims. the muslim has to be wary of any institution that is being run by any section of the muslims to degrade islam and the muslims and to deny the essentials of islam and the status of the muslims in society. he has to be alert that such an institution should not be allowed to form and that it should be nipped in the bud before it spreads. he has to be conscious that if such an institution is allowed to grow in society, it will be the cause of the destruction of the muslims and muslims will be the only losers of such an institution. such an institution will also destroy the muslim societies. it will lead to the destruction of muslim institutions. in short, the muslim has to be alert for the establishment of any such institution and he has to warn the muslims not to be the victims of such institutions.

the book titled, khutbat-e-ahmadiya, has been authored by sir syed ahmad khan. it consists of 12 chapter. the first two chapters are written on the history of the ahmadiyya muslim jamaat and the third chapter is written on the origin of khilafat-e-ahmadiyya. the fourth chapter is about the principles and practices of khilafat. the fifth chapter is about the appointment of khalifatul masih v. the sixth chapter is about the different lines of khalifatul masih v. the seventh chapter is about the legacy of khalifatul masih v. the eighth chapter is about the various reasons behind the division of the world into two nations. the ninth chapter is about the way in which the ahmadiyya muslim jamaat will be the instrument of peace in the world. the tenth chapter is about the characteristics of the ahmadiyya muslim jamaat. the eleventh chapter is about the peace brought by the ahmadiyya muslim jamaat. the twelfth chapter is about the future of the world when the ahmadiyya muslim jamaat will be established.


Khutbat e Usmani

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Jan 24, 2020

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Khutbat e Usmani PDF

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Khutbat e Usmani PDF

Khutbat e Usmani PDF

. Despite continued suppression, the Ahmadiyya Community continues its struggle for its human and fundamental rights. The community continues to face all sorts of persecution. The government continues its campaign against the Ahmadis, arrests and jails hundreds of Ahmadis and their leaders, and promotes the irredentist idea of a separate state.. Regardless of the existing domestic and international human rights challenges faced by the Ahmadiyya Community, religious tolerance continues to be a core value of the modern state of Pakistan..

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