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Keygen Nutrimind Descargar Serial Rar [HOT]

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Keygen Nutrimind Descargar Serial Rar

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1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a liquid crystal display (LCD) device, and more particularly to a LCD device having a thin film transistor (TFT) and a capacitor in each pixel.
2. Description of the Related Art
In recent years, the demand for flat panel displays (FPD) has increased. Because the FPDs have flat screens, they can be made thinner and lighter than conventional cathode ray tubes (CRTs).
Of the various types of FPDs available, liquid crystal display (LCD) devices are widely used for their low power consumption, high resolution and excellent image quality.
Referring to FIG. 1, an array substrate for a TFT-LCD device fabricated using a conventional method includes a substrate 100, a gate electrode 101, a gate insulating film 102, a semiconductor layer 103, a doped semiconductor layer 104, a source electrode 106, and a drain electrode 106a. The semiconductor layer 103, the doped semiconductor layer 104, the source electrode 106, and the drain electrode 106a constitute a TFT 110.
On the substrate 100, an insulating film 108 is formed on the surface to prevent the formation of a short circuit between the gate electrode 101 and the source electrode 106. The insulating film 108 includes a contact hole 114 having a predetermined depth that exposes the top surface of the drain electrode 106a. A reflective metal layer 116 is formed on the insulating film 108 to reflect light.
Referring to FIG. 2, a color filter is formed on the substrate 100 to prevent light from being reflected in a dark space (i.e. a black matrix). Red, green and blue color filter layers 202, 203 and 204 are formed on the substrate 100 on which the TFTs

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