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the head of the swedish police, dan eliasson (a former prime minister) has announced that 1 million swedes (one half of the entire population) are potential targets for terrorist attacks, and that around 2000 of these potential victims have been convicted of engaging in terrorist activities. other estimates have come out that, of the swedish population, not far from half of all swedes are potential terrorists who can be motivated to act by religious, national, or other political forces. but, hey, that is good news for the swedish government and the swedish criminal police. they just might have been able to justify the $3 million that they intend to spend on training foreign police in all of scandinavia, according to the swedish newspaper svenska dagbladet:

forsvarsdepartementet (the department of defence) is planning on spending around 31 million kronor (approx. $3.1 million) on a two-year training program in eight different scandinavian countries. the money comes from the budgets of the home affairs and the ministry of foreign affairs. a sub-committee has been established in the defence ministry to draft a program, as well as a programme officer at the home affairs department (pom), who will oversee the program.

those who cannot see the dangers in the consequences of western civilization are either unable or uninterested in understanding what is happening to our civilization. the consequences are not merely social, but have material consequences which are extremely dangerous. this is why it is essential to pay attention, even to ridicule or lampoon such people who don’t recognize the danger.

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