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Mubi is a website dedicated to showcasing the local indie films produced in the USA and Canada. It is an open social sharing network that focuses on movies. Apart from providing high quality content, Mubi also supports file sharing on the platform, where you can share files with your friends or even upload to the website for all to download. Mubi’s video quality is of a really high quality, and the platform provides a huge selection of movies and TV series. You can view new movies uploaded daily and browse through a variety of movies based on themes such as comedy, horror, drama, romance, musicals, etc.

Pubhub is a search engine where you can find millions of free eBooks across all the genres. The eBook available on Pubhub is available under the Creative Commons, which means users can read it for free without any restrictions. You can download the book at the click of a button and even leave a feedback regarding the book. Another great thing about Pubhub is that it is a completely mobile-friendly platform, which you can read ebooks on your smartphone or tablet.


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