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Tuesday, May 5, 2012

ZooBoo 12

Yesterday I showed up at the Fort Gainey Community Centre with my daughter’s backpack filled with ZooBoo goodies. A female Broadbill that I had heard was in the area had recently had her eggs fertilized with the help of a male Broadbill. This week they had not laid, so I wanted to see if I could locate her nest. Upon walking in the foyer I felt like I was entering a huge winery where the guests were welcome to roam the grounds. Everyone else is welcome to wander about the grounds as well, but we need to abide by a few rules.

1. We may NOT go into the animal pens, unless accompanied by one of the experts.

2. We may NOT feed the animals, unless we have a petting zoo ticket.

3. We may not walk under any of the overhead fountains without an adult.

4. We may not sit in the front row of the shows without an adult.

5. We may not go near any of the exhibits that are out of the normal path of travel, unless accompanied by an adult.

6. We may not climb on anything, unless it is an approved exhibit.

7. We may not sit or lie on anything unless it is a couch, bed, or a bench designed to be sat upon or lay on.

8. We may not touch or go near the camel, camel bactrian, or elephant exhibit.

9. We may not touch the saltwater crocodile exhibit.

10. We may not touch or go near the crocodile exhibit.

11. We may not touch or go near the jelly fish exhibit.

12. We may not go into the butterfly house without a butterfly shirt on.


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