Driver Tv Tuner Epro PCtv USB 20 Fm !!TOP!!

Driver Tv Tuner Epro PCtv USB 20 Fm !!TOP!!


Driver Tv Tuner Epro PCtv USB 20 Fm

i have a philips tv tuner usb which works fine with my dell studio 15 laptop. but with a dell studio 17 laptop, i can’t make it work. i tried googling for the driver but can’t find any. can anyone help?

i just picked up an epro philips usb adapter. i’m on a macbook pro, running os x 10.11.4 el capitan. it’s a usb converter, that works fine with the macbook and my pc. the adapter is plugged into the right usb port.

hello there! i’m using a driver for an epro philips dvb-t tv card. i’ve installed it and everything goes fine with the installation of the driver and the card, but when i want to scan for channels, i get this error message. i’ve tried to install the driver using the windows-recommended or the windows-custom methods, but both result in the same error.

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