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Feb 08, 2018


I downloaded working mastercam 9.12 but it has problem, when you install it before when you open the software it shows that the product is already installed or you can have installed.Q:

Why is “while true”?

while true;
System.out.println(“Hello, world!”);

Why is this while true statement useful? I see many people use it but they never explain why.


repeat {
do {
} while (something);



The whole idea behind while true is that it’s a looping construct that’s different from a conditional (i.e. unless, until, etc.) Usually when you want to do something indefinitely, you use while true. The loop is terminated when one of two conditions is met. In your case, the loop will run as long as there’s something left to print to stdout.
I don’t see why this is useful, however. It looks suspiciously like an infinite loop to me.
More concretely, for instance, this would execute infinitely:
while (true) {
System.out.println(“Hello, world!”);

… while Java doesn’t have any statement like “do not break out of this current loop”.

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