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Photoshop is powerful and extremely well suited for many projects. There is a price involved because it is very expensive, however, and not every business can afford it. Photoshop is aimed at the professional market and doesn’t meet the needs of smaller businesses. If you only need a photo editor, and you want to manipulate photos in a fast and efficient manner, then Photoshop isn’t for you. Check out ``.

Taking a look at Photoshop

Photoshop is a suite of many powerful applications. The Photoshop Creative Suite (CS) can be purchased on a standalone basis or as part of a larger image-editing bundle. See Figure 14-2.

**Figure 14-2:** Photoshop can be purchased as a standalone program or as part of a package for a higher price.

In this section, I show you how Photoshop works. I then walk you through basic image-editing tasks so that you can take a look at how this tool works.

Basic Photoshop facts

Photoshop is made up of five core parts:

The canvas: This is your editing work area. There are many layers of information (see the next section) to be manipulated here.

You use the canvas to work on an image (see the next section).

Layers: Photoshop uses layers to separate a document into a series of pages. You can manipulate and move those layers as you see fit.

The Histogram: The histogram shows you the light and dark areas of the image in relation to the lighting you select in the image-editing work area. (The term histogram comes from film printing and refers to an image’s overall tonal range.) Figure 14-3 shows you a histogram displaying some tonal information for an image.

Tonal adjustments: You can modify the colors in the image with the adjustments available in the Adjustment box.

The Tools panel: This panel holds the controls used to manipulate the different tools. For example, you can use the brushes available or change the brush properties in this panel.

The Background: You can work on the entire background, with no image on it. You can apply a selection to the entire Background, or you can work on a single section of the Background. You can select any part of the image for your edits.

**Figure 14-3:** The histogram in Photoshop provides information about the tonal range in an

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Unfortunately, with huge Photoshop updates each year, and yet again with the release of Photoshop Elements 19.0, there is no longer an easy way to upgrade from Adobe Photoshop Elements 15.0. So what’s a Photoshop user to do?

The new version of Photoshop Elements 19.0 is backwards compatible with Photoshop Elements 15.0 and even supports Adobe Lightroom, a file management system and a way to organise and view photos. You may be surprised that there are still thousands of Photoshop Elements users upgrading.

Here, we will show you how to upgrade Adobe Photoshop Elements 15.0 to Adobe Photoshop Elements 19.0.

This tutorial is for experienced photographers using Photoshop Elements who want to upgrade to version 19.0. If you are an amateur Photoshop user or have no idea how to operate a computer, this tutorial may be a little too much for you. If that’s the case, the best alternative is to use the free Canon Photoshop Elements trial before you upgrade to the full version.

Updated 29 August 2020: Some features listed in this post were added to Photoshop Elements 19.0, but many options have changed – see the Photoshop Elements 19.0 Update 2019 Guide. Also, as the default colour spaces are now gamma correct, it is no longer necessary to change the ‘Output gamma setting’ to 2.2. You should now simply change the ‘Default colour space’ to sRGB or Adobe RGB in order to keep the correct gamma.

How to upgrade from Photoshop Elements 15.0 to Photoshop Elements 19.0 – video tutorial

You can watch the video tutorial below for a better idea of how to upgrade Photoshop Elements from 15.0 to 19.0

If you are not happy with the price of Adobe Photoshop Elements 19.0, please consider purchasing a fully-functioning version of Photoshop Elements Pro CC 2020, the latest release of the program.

You can buy Adobe Photoshop Elements Pro CC 2020 here.

The easiest way to upgrade Photoshop Elements from 15.0 to 19.0

Adobe Photoshop Elements 19.0 is available to install for a one-time fee ($9.95 USD or $14.99 CAD) from Alternatively, you can buy a single day or subscription for Adobe Photoshop Elements 19.0 from your nearest Adobe store.

If you are upgrading an older Photoshop Elements 15.0, you will be able to open your old images in Photoshop Elements 19.0, but you will not be

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System Requirements For Online Photoshop Editor Software Free Download:

* Windows XP or higher
* Dual monitor or multi-screen setup
* DirectX 9 graphics card
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* 200 MB of free disk space
* Internet connection
* Hardware-accelerated video card (Intel HD 4000 or higher)
* Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
* Graphics card supporting OpenGL 2.0
* Hardware-accelerated video card (

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