Bs 1881 Part 124 Pdf Download |WORK|

Bs 1881 Part 124 Pdf Download |WORK|


Bs 1881 Part 124 Pdf Download

first, given the geographical dispersion of the participants, it was decided that the best route for delivery of concretes to the participants would be via postal delivery. over the course of three months, a number of participants offered their samples for dispatch, and each of these were shipped in their own individual envelopes. unfortunately, most of these envelopes were damaged during shipping and so it was found necessary to increase the weight of the samples in each envelope to ensure that they would arrive intact. this also had the added advantage of providing extra weight for participants to better judge the w/c ratio.

the results of the round-robin tests are summarised in the attached technical note, which also includes various further results, including a comparison between participants’ in-house analysis and that performed by qualified laboratories.

this assessment was designed to highlight the important issues in the analysis of historic concretes. in this case, each method has flaws, but mostly they are due to historic texts and techniques being not used to their full capability. as such, the following should not be considered as a definitive set of recommendations. these are just the best consensus of existing common methods (excepting for the extremely rare case of a known break in a test specimen) that should be considered in future analyses. also, it should be made clear that this assessment was based on mix design and to a very limited extent on the quality of the samples. this method is not a technical analysis and the results should be used only as a starting point for further analysis and should not be considered representative.


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