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Adobe says that over 2 million people now use Photoshop, and the brand is a leader in digital imaging. Among other things, it is a leading publisher of books on Photoshop, has created a dedicated education program, and offers numerous training courses.

So why is it so popular?

Adobe says that the main reason for Photoshop’s popularity is that the program offers many useful features, is easy to use, and is available on both the web and on a host of mobile platforms.

Some things about Photoshop:

Image Manipulation

The key feature of Photoshop is the ability to edit images in various ways. It offers an extensive library of tools to manipulate the elements of images, and also includes tools to fix imperfections and perform various effects.

The strongest feature is its image manipulation tools. Being able to add different types of filters, such as blurring, changing color, creating photo effects, and animating, make it simple to manipulate images so they look more professional.

Users can also use Photoshop to fix imperfections. For instance, users can take a digital photo and then use the Clone Stamp tool to remove spots and other defects, and to refine other features.

Additional Tools

Photoshop has a few other useful tools. For instance, it includes what is called the Transformation Panel, which makes it simple to resize, rotate, and flip images and change their orientation. Users can use the Perspective tool to make objects appear to be in a different location from where they actually are, which is useful for some artistic, professional effects.

Photoshop is also designed to be compatible with many different platforms. It has mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows devices, and uses cloud functionality to integrate with various online platforms.

Image Publishing

Photoshop is designed to be a fairly effective way to easily publish photos for a variety of purposes, including publishing on websites, printing, and creating images that can be uploaded to social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Adobe created the Creative Cloud platform, which integrates Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Lightroom. There is also a large community of photographers who use Photoshop to create images for a variety of uses.

What do you use Photoshop for?

Being able to edit images is great for so many things. For instance, some people use Photoshop for experimenting with new tools and techniques to find out what works, and what doesn’t. However, for a variety of

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In this article, we’ll show you how to work with Photoshop Elements on macOS. This will include basic operations like resizing and sharpening an image, importing and saving photos, and customizing image options in the folder where you stored your photos.

We will not cover using Photoshop Elements to edit photo-realistic portraits and 3D models. You can use Photoshop Elements to edit documents, art, and web graphics. Although the rich set of features in Photoshop are not available in Elements, there is a feature-rich and powerful selection of tools that will be useful to photographers, web designers, and the Mac community.

How to open images in Photoshop Elements on macOS

Before starting Photoshop Elements on macOS, you need to open photos using an application like the Photos application.

Open the Photos application: Open Finder. Click the Photos icon in the toolbar at the top of Finder. Click the Photos library on the sidebar on the left side. Drag the photos you want to work on to the toolbar and to the Photos library.

Create a new project: In the Photos library, click the New album button and enter a name for your new album. Give it a name like “Photoshop Elements”.

Drag photos to the New album: Click and drag photos from the Finder onto the new album.

Close the sidebar: Click the Photos library button in the toolbar. Open the sidebar again to see all the albums in the library.

Add photos to the project: Click the Photos library icon in the Finder toolbar. Click on the album for your project in the Photos library. Select photos you want to use in your project.

How to resize photos in Photoshop Elements on macOS

The simple image size feature in Photoshop Elements works with the basic guidelines of the industry standard for image sizes.

Convert the resolution of your photos to pixels: While in Photoshop, select All Files at the top of the left menu panel. Drag the photos you want to edit into Photoshop Elements. On the right side of the window, click the image area to get the Format menu. Open the Resize tab, as shown below.

Note: In this example, we have the image “5 with text.png” selected in Photoshop Elements. You should see the correct folder for this image after you switch to Photoshop Elements. If not, you can click on the New Document button in the toolbar to the right of the file name (shown in the photo) and select the folder.

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